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Warner Bros. is synonymous with movies, having been around over 100 years and holding some of the biggest franchises around.

Warner Bros. News For Each Movie Franchise

Latest Warner Bros. News

leslie grace batgirl

WB Killing Finished Stephen King Movie Like Batgirl?

The latest adaptation of Stephen King’s novel, Salem’s Lot, apparently got stuck in the development hell since its announcement in …

10 months ago

Barbie Defeats The Dark Knight At The Box Office

Barbie has surpassed The Dark Knight in terms of domestic box office earnings. According to Variety, Greta Gerwig’s movie earned $537.5 million, slightly more …

10 months ago

Exclusive: V For Vendetta Reboot In The Works At WB

You will again be asked to remember, remember the fifth of November. According to our trusted and proven sources, Warner …

10 months ago

sandra bullock

Sandra Bullock Says Warner Bros. Still Owes Her For 30-Year-Old Movie

Before Sandra Bullock was Sandra Bullock, she starred in a little movie called Demolition Man. At the time, this 1993 …

10 months ago

Wild Scooby-Doo Fan Theory Says The Dog Is A Soviet Spy

Ruh-roh, we have a fan theory. A resurfaced Reddit post from 2016 is back to haunt Scooby-Doo fans with a …

10 months ago

The Forgotten Batman Character Pee-Wee Herman Played

Did you know that Paul Reubens, better known as Pee-wee Herman, had a brief stint in the Batman universe? Not …

11 months ago

Blue Beetle Set To Be DC’s Biggest Box Office Flop

If industry projections are anything to go by, DC’s newest superhero offering, Blue Beetle, is going to crash and burn …

11 months ago

margot robbie

Margot Robbie Never Agreed To Barbie Sequel

Who would have thought that a movie about Mattel’s most famous doll would become one of the highest-grossing films in …

11 months ago


DC Is Still Promoting The Batgirl Movie Even Though It’s Been Canceled

Since the end of last summer saw the scrapping of Batgirl, David Zaslav and the other execs at Warner Bros. …

11 months ago

superman: legacy

Superman: Legacy Villain Revealed And Fans Are Freaking Out?

A recent post on X—formerly known as Twitter—from the official Superman account may have just lowkey confirmed that the main …

11 months ago


New Watchmen Movie Is Already Doomed

DC announced a new Watchmen movie recently at San Diego Comic-Con. This new attempt to adapt the most famous comic …

11 months ago

Dune 2 And Aquaman 2 Hit With Last-Minute Delay From Warner Bros?

As the battle for fair wages and decent living conditions wears on in the SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes, Hollywood has …

11 months ago

the flash

The Flash Could End Up Costing Warner Bros. $200 Million

The Flash isn’t just a box office failure; it could end up costing Warner Bros. over $200 million.

12 months ago

Warner Bros. Is Selling Off Your Favorite Franchises

Warner Bros. Discovery is looking to sell music publishing rights for most of their catalog, including Danny Elfman’s Batman score and Prince’s Purple Rain soundtrack.

12 months ago

rings of power season 2

Tom Bombadil Needs To Be In The Warner Bros. Lord Of The Rings Remake 

Tom Bombadil is one of J.R.R. Tolkien’s most mysterious and fascinating characters, which is why he should be in the Warner Bros. Lord of the Rings remake.

1 year ago

jason momoa marvel

Jason Momoa’s Minecraft Finally Has A Release Date

Jason Momoa’s Minecraft movie will hit theaters on April 24, 2025, nearly 10 years after the movie was originally announced by Warner Bros.

1 year ago

Logan's Run Gore Verbinski

Exclusive: Logan’s Run Remake To Be Directed By Gore Verbinski

We’ve learned Gore Verbinski of Pirates of the Caribbean fame will be directing the long-brewing Logan’s Run remake from Warner Bros.

1 year ago

harry potter

Harry Potter Reboot Series Coming To HBO Max

There is a Harry Potter series in the works from Warner Bros that would reboot the franchise on television.

1 year ago

Margot robbie the movie critic Quentin Tarantino

Exec Gets $39 Million Bonus For Making Bad Movies

In spite of a controversial time as CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery, David Zaslav was paid $39 million last year.

1 year ago

scarlett johansson

Scarlett Johansson’s Canceled Netflix Movie Saved By Major Movie Studio?

Warner Bros. is exploring options for taking over the previously canceled Netflix film and Scarlett Johansson-led romantic-comedy Paris Paramount.

1 year ago

bernard hill lord of the rings

Lord Of The Rings Is About To Undergo An Enormous Battle, And Only This Side Is Going To Win

Amazon will likely have more success with The Rings of Power than Warner Bros. Discovery will with their upcoming reboot of The Lord of The Rings franchise.

1 year ago

bernard hill lord of the rings

Amazon Responds To News Of More Lord Of The Rings, What Does It Mean For Rings Of Power?

Head of Amazon Studios Jennifer Salke says that there is plenty of room in Middle Earth for the Warner Bros. Lord of the Rings reboot.

1 year ago

warner bros discovery david zaslav

Warner Bros. Is Butchering Their Classic Shows For Profit

Warner Bros is cutting mature content from True Blood and Silicon Valley, so it can be played on networks like TNT and TBS.

1 year ago

margot robbie

DC Bosses In Trouble At Warner Bros. Over Unconventional Tactics?

A rumor suggests that DC co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran are in hot water with Warner Bros. execs over their unconventional media handling.

1 year ago

Keanu Reeves Had To Beg For A Sequel To His Darkest Movie

Keanu Reeves had to beg Warner Bros. for a sequel to Constantine, which may finally happen.

1 year ago

james gunn dc

Congressman Threatens To Bring DC Boss Into Congressional Hearing

Congressman Robert Garcia jokes that he will have James Gunn brought before Congress if the DC Studios co-head doesn’t release the upcoming slate of DC movies by the end of January.

1 year ago

will forte coyote vs acme

Will Forte Reveals Coyote Vs Acme Plot Details

Will Forte reveals that Coyote vs Acme will include many classic Warner Bros. cartoon characters and John Cena will play the CEO of Acme.

1 year ago

marvel morbius

Marvel Director Remaking The Most Iconic Sci-Fi Monster Movie

Michael Giacchino, who directed Disney+’s Werewolf by Night, is remaking the 1954 classic Them!

1 year ago

ice cube friday

Ice Cube Will Never Give Up On His Best Franchise

Ice Cube says he will “never” give up on getting Friday 4 made.

1 year ago

Crazy Scooby-Doo Fan Theory Says They’re All Draft Dodgers

A Scooby-Doo fan theory attempts to explain that the meddling kids are actually draft dodgers trying to reach Canada.

1 year ago