Jason Momoa’s Minecraft Finally Has A Release Date

Jason Momoa's Minecraft movie will hit theaters on April 24, 2025, nearly 10 years after the movie was originally announced by Warner Bros.

By Chris Snellgrove | Published


When you hear about upcoming Jason Momoa films, chances are you’ll think of something like Aquaman 2. Or, along the same superhero lines, you might cross your fingers for an official announcement that the muscular actor will portray DC’s “main man,” Lobo, on the big screen. But the Jason Momoa movie we are most excited about because it’s so weird is Minecraft, and Deadline reports we can expect this movie to make its debut on April 24, 2025.

Part of what makes this release date announcement for Jason Momoa’s Minecraft so interesting is that it confirms the studio is still planning to make this movie happen. Ever since the merger with Discovery, Warner Bros. has given the axe to a number of projects, including high-profile movies like Batgirl that were very nearly finished. In a world where the studio would nuke completed movies just to get a tax break, it’s surprising to discover that the Minecraft movie didn’t get stuck in development hell.

And long before Jason Momoa was attached, “development hell” seemed like it would be the final destination for the Minecraft movie. For example, official discussions to have Warner Bros. make a Minecraft movie stretch back to 2014, and that was when Shawn Levy was set to direct the film. But those plans fell through, and Levy is best known these days for directing and producing Stranger Things episodes (he’s also the writer and director for the upcoming Deadpool 3).

Flash forward to 2015, and Jason Momoa was still not involved yet, but Warner Bros. had seemingly secured very different talent to bring the Minecraft movie to life. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia creator, executive producer, and star Rob McElhenney was going to direct the film, but it kept getting delayed due to a number of behind-the-scenes factors. This eventually created too many schedule conflicts for McElhenney, and he had to bail from the project in 2018.

The very next year, Warner Bros. announced Peter Sollett would write and direct the movie, but these plans were soon derailed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Sollett went on to focus on other projects while the studio hired Jared Hess to direct. With Hess directing and Jason Momoa starring, it looks like we’re finally going to get a Minecraft movie a little over two years from now (which will be over a decade since Warner Bros. first announced plans to make the movie).

Aside from knowing that Jared Hess will direct it and Jason Momoa will star in it, we know very little about this movie except for the release date that was just announced. The big question on everyone’s minds is what the story will even be: famously, Minecraft has very little in the way of a narrative, with the game encouraging players to come up with their own stories just as they come up with their own ideas for reshaping this blocky world. Around here, we’re really hoping to see Jason Momoa get into meaty combat with Herobrine, the Creepypasta boogeyman that has kept Minecraft players spooked since 2010.