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star wars betrayal

Mark Hamill Is Wrong About Luke Skywalker

One thing that The Last Jedi haters often bring up is that even Mark Hamill seemed to hate what the …

1 week ago

george lucas

Rian Johnson Deserved The Star Wars Sequel Trilogy From The Start

With years of hindsight now, many Star Wars fans are in agreement that the sequel trilogy has claimed the new …

2 weeks ago

knives out 2

Knives Out Fans Already Solve Netflix Mystery Before It Even Comes Out?

Fans may have solved the mystery of Wake Up Dead Man, the third installment in the Knives Out franchise, which …

2 months ago

jeremy renner

Jeremy Renner Gets Perfect Netflix Role, First Movie After Accident

Whether it’s fighting off aliens bent on destroying the world in the Marvel Cinematic Universe or reclaiming his life after …

2 months ago

star wars the first jedi

Luke Skywalker Died Because Of Disney’s Poor Planning

The Last Jedi annoyed the Star Wars fandom in many ways, but its chief sin in the eyes of some …

2 months ago

star wars the first jedi

How Star Wars’ Most Controversial Director Insulted George Lucas

As you might expect, The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson has spent a lot of time justifying his storytelling decisions …

2 months ago

star wars

The Most Surprising Thing Rian Johnson Got Wrong About Star Wars Villains

As we draw closer and closer to a solo Rey movie, we have been thinking more about the Star Wars …

2 months ago

daniel craig

Knives Out 3 Continues Rian Johnson’s Musical Tradition On Netflix

Just as his filmmaking career was getting started back in 2008 with Brick, Rian Johnson paired with folky rock band …

2 months ago

wake up dead man

6 Actors That Need To Appear In Knives Out 3

Last week came the official Netflix announcement that the third film in Rian Johnson’s Knives Out franchise would be Wake …

2 months ago

glass onion

Knives Out 3 Needs To Give Us More Of Forgotten Character

Netflix recently revealed the name of the upcoming Knives Out 3: the title is Wake Up Dead Man, after the …

2 months ago

knives out

Knives Out Recurring Villain Hiding In Plain Sight

Netflix just announced a release window of 2025 for the third film in Rian Johnson’s Knives Out series, along with …

2 months ago

glass onion

Netflix Announces Knives Out 3 With New Title, Plot, And Release Date

Good news mystery fans, more Knives Out is coming to Netflix next year. A teaser trailer was released promoting the …

2 months ago

julia garner

What Is Going On With Marvel’s Fantastic Four Casting?

Marvel’s The Fantastic Four cast is getting bigger and better. After a series of casting announcements last week, Natasha Lyonne …

2 months ago

Rian Johnson Didn’t Want To Direct Star Wars But Ruined It Anyway

He’d have a hard time saying no.

2 months ago

Violent Netflix Sci-Fi Thriller Is A Time Travel Modern Classic

When it comes to sci-fi, few themes are as well-trodden as time travel—but for a good reason: the trope offers …

3 months ago

the last jedi

The Horrible Star Wars Movie We All Need To Make Peace With

I didn’t love Star Wars: The Last Jedi when it came out almost seven years ago. If I’m being honest, …

3 months ago

dcu dead

Dune: Part Two First Reviews Are All Saying Exactly What We Expected

Let’s face it – it’s hard to put out a good sequel these days. Following the fan-bashing comments that were …

5 months ago

The Fan-Favorite Director Who Loves Star Wars But Never Got A Shot

Star Wars is one of Kevin Smith’s favorite things. The only thing the indie director loves more than the Skywalkers …

5 months ago

dolly parton buffy

Actress Who Almost Played Buffy The Vampire Slayer More Popular Than Ever

Buffy the Vampire Slayer is one of the all-time great supernatural TV shows, and a large part of that is …

5 months ago

star wars cannibal

The Star Wars Cannibal Jedi That Is Actually Canon

The Last Jedi is easily the most divisive entry in the Skywalker Saga but it did lead to something that …

5 months ago

The Last Jedi Failed By Ignoring Its Own Message

Countless fans have conducted countless postmortems on Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and the only thing anyone can seem to …

7 months ago

Daniel Craig knives out]

Daniel Craig’s Knives Out 3 Hit With Massive Delay

Rian Johnson is working on the latest film of his whodunnit Daniel Craig film franchise, Knives Out 3, but it’s …

9 months ago

Chris Evans

Chris Evans Getting Spinoff For One Of His Most Enjoyable Fan-Favorite Characters?

Chris Evans says he wants to return to the role of Knives Out’s Ransom, this time a quest for vengeance on the heroes who exposed his crimes.

1 year ago

poker face season 1 finale

Poker Face Season 1 Finale Review: A Killer Conclusion To Season 1 Of Peacock’s Best Series

Poker Face’s first season ends as it began – as one of this year’s best new series.

1 year ago

Major Hollywood Directors Are Bashing Streaming Services For A Very Good Reason

Hollywood professionals like Rian Johnson and Jerry Bruckheimer are speaking out against streaming’s latest trend of canceling completed projects.

1 year ago


After A long Wait Netflix Finally Gives Fans What They Want, But There Is An Annoying Catch

Netflix has released a director’s commentary for Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, but in a podcast you have to listen to on a different device while watching the film on Netflix.

1 year ago

natasha lyonne

The Fate Of Poker Face Has Been Decided

Natasha Lyonne’s hit streaming show Poker Face isn’t done airing its first season yet, but Hulu has already greenlit a second season.

1 year ago

poker face series premiere

Poker Face Series Premiere Review: A Brilliant Callback To Seventies Mysteries, Bursting With Talent

In the first couple of episodes of Poker Face, Natasha Lyonne and Rian Johnson deliver a smart and delightful set of character-driven mysteries.

1 year ago