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Latest Paramount News

Lizzy Caplan’s Sexy Remake Is Streaming’s #1 New Series

Lizzy Caplan stars in Fatal Attraction, the number-one series on Paramount+.

12 months ago

paramount stock

Paramount Loses Hundreds Of Millions On Streaming But Gains Millions Of Subscribers

Paramount lost over half a billion in establishing a streaming service.

12 months ago

kelsey grammer

The Frasier Revival Is Pointless Without David Hyde Pierce

Without David Hyde Pierce, the Frasier reboot may as well close up shop.

12 months ago

Harrison Ford Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise Stars In A Revenge Thriller Climbing The Streaming Charts

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back is one of only two Tom Cruise sequels, and it’s now #3 on Paramount+.

1 year ago

cast of sonic the hedgehog 2 sonic

Sonic The Hedgehog Spin-Off Series Has An All-Star Cast

Idris Elba reprises his role as Knuckles in a Sonic the Hedgehog streaming series on Paramount+.

1 year ago

sylvester stallone samaritan

Sylvester Stallone Is Starring In A Reality Show About His Family And It Looks Ridiculous

Sylvester Stallone will star in a Paramount+ reality show titled The Family Stone.

1 year ago

A Prequel No One Wanted Has Unseated Star Trek: Picard In A Resounding Defeat Of Good Taste

Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies has overtaken Star Trek: Picard in Paramount+ viewing numbers.

1 year ago

Fatal Attraction

See Glenn Close Replaced In Her Most Iconic Role For New Remake

Lizzy Caplan is replacing Glenn Close in the Fatal Attraction remake.

1 year ago

A New Star Trek Series Has Just Been Announced

The series Star Trek: Starfleet Academy is now in the works from executive producer Alex Kurtzman.

1 year ago

rabbit hole premiere

Rabbit Hole Series Premiere Review: Great Mystery Burdened With Slow Pace And Brainless Marketing

Rabbit Hole’s two episode premiere delivers an intriguing mystery, but one that feels artificially slowed and whose biggest surprises are ruined by the promotional lead-up.

1 year ago

amanda bynes

Amanda Bynes Best Comedy Features A Major Action Star And Its Now A Streaming Success

Amanda Bynes’s surprise hit comedy, She’s the Man, was one of Channing Tatum’s earliest roles and it’s now available on Paramount+.

1 year ago

matt damon

Matt Damon’s Strangest Movie Was A Flop But It’s Now A Streaming Success

Matt Damon’s film Downsizing is streaming in the top 10 on Parmount+.

1 year ago

strange new worlds star trek

Strange New Worlds Is Looking Like The Savior Of Star Trek

Paramount has positioned Star Trek: Strange New Worlds as one of the biggest selling points of its streaming service.

1 year ago

Lizzy Caplan

See Lizzy Caplan Replace Glenn Close In Remake Of An ’80s Sexy Classic

Lizzy Caplan takes over for Glenn Close’s stalker in Paramount+’s upcoming Fatal Attraction series.

1 year ago

star trek

Star Trek’s Biggest Series Was Just Canceled

The upcoming fifth season of Star Trek: Discovery will now be its last, following Paramount+’s cancellation of what was once its flagship series.

1 year ago

Helen Mirren Came Up With A Crucial Part Of Her Yellowstone Character On Her Own

It was Helen Mirren’s idea to have her Yellowstone 1923 character be an Irish immigrant.

1 year ago

Yellowstone 1923

Yellowstone: 1923 Finale Is Leaving Fans Incredibly Upset

Yellowstone: 1923 did not wrap up events sufficiently for many fans of the Paramoun+ spin-off show.

1 year ago

blood and treasure

A Fan-Favorite Streaming Series Gets Canceled

Blood and Treasure has been canceled at Paramount+

1 year ago

showtime paramount

One Of The Most Popular Streaming Services Is Raising Prices

Paramount+ is raising its monthly subscription fee.

1 year ago

star trek picard season 3 premiere

Star Trek: Picard Season 3 Premiere Review: The Series Finally Delivers On Its Potential

Our deputy editor says Star Trek: Picard Season 3 premiere is so good it’s practically a different series.

1 year ago

patrick stewart picard

Patrick Stewart Didn’t Want Next Generation Reunion On Picard, But One Person Changed His Mind

Patrick Stewart reveals it was his signature character’s reunion with Will Riker and Deanna Troi in Season 1 of Star Trek: Picard the convinced him to lift his veto of a Star Trek: The Next Generation reunion.

1 year ago

dwayne johnson

The Rock Is Out For Vengeance In A High-Octane Movie Trending On Streaming

Dwayne Johnson’s 2010 action thriller Faster is charting on Paramount+.

1 year ago

tulsa king

Tulsa King Just Lost The Most Important Person On The Show

Terence Winter, showrunner for Tulsa King, is leaving the series over creative differences.

1 year ago

sarah michelle gellar

Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Provocative Thriller Is A Streaming Hit

Sarah Michelle Gellar’s steamiest movie, Cruel Intentions, is currently in Paramount+’s top ten.

1 year ago

sylvester stallone tulsa king

Sylvester Stallone Will Star In A New Series

A new reality show starring Sylvester Stallone will highlight his personal life and family, solidifying his presence on Paramount+.

1 year ago

bambi horror movie

The Most Disturbing Horror Movie Is Trending On Streaming

Smile is the fourth most popular movie on Paramount+.

1 year ago

kelsey grammer frasier reboot

Kelsey Grammer Frasier Revival Actually A Cheers Reboot?

The Kelsey Grammer-led Frasier reboot could be a Cheers reboot, as the location of the new series is set in Boston.

1 year ago

twilight zone

The Twilight Zone Is Now Gone From Streaming

Jordan Peele’s reboot of The Twilight Zone has been removed from Paramount+.

1 year ago

showtime paramount

Two Of The Biggest Streamers Are Merging And Removing Fan-Favorite Series

Paramount+ and Showtime are merging into one streaming service, and some of Showtime’s shows are being lost along the way.

1 year ago

star trek picard

See Star Trek: Picard’s Two Mystery Characters In Final Trailer

The final trailer for Star Trek: Picard’s third season is here, and it introduces two new unnamed characters.

1 year ago