Enola Holmes 3

  • Original Release: September 23, 2020
  • Director: Harry Bradbeer
  • Streamer: Netflix
Enola Holmes 3 Cast News

When the first Enola Holmes movie premiered on Netflix in September 2020, it was clear they had a hit on their hands. How could they not as the film starred Stranger Things’ Millie Bobby Brown as the title character and The Witcher’s Henry Cavill as her older brother and super sleuth, Sherlock Holmes. The numbers said it was a hit, so an even more successful sequel was born, which immediately begs the question – will there be an Enola Holmes 3?


enola holmes 3

Before we jump ahead to the possibility of an Enola Holmes 3, let’s take a look at where Netflix stands with the first sequel. Warning: If you have not seen the second film in the series, which premiered on Netflix on October 27, 2022, spoilers are forthcoming. The game is afoot.

When we last saw Enola Holmes, she was teaming up with her brothers, Sherlock (Cavill) and Mycroft (Sam Claflin) to find their mother Eudoria (Helena Bonham Carter), who had vanished. It was a fun romp of a story, showing audiences that the combination of Brown and Cavill, with the help of Bonham Carter, was a family that needed more stories. Enter Enola Holmes 2.

This story finds our new favorite detective, Enola Holmes, trying to strike out on her own (something we could also see in Enola Holmes 3). She has no problem actually setting up her detective agency, what she does have trouble with, unfortunately, is getting clients.

No one takes her seriously and Enola is about to shut it all down when a young girl walks into her office asking if Enola finds lost people and needs help finding the young girl’s sister, Sarah.

This sets off another adventurous tale that almost immediately involves her brother, Sherlock. The young girl takes Enola to a factory where matches are being made and where a deadly typhus epidemic is breaking out. While at the factory, Enola also meets Mae, a young lady who carries a secret.

Enola follows Mae to where she is keeping her secret, a dancehall where Mae dances along with the missing girl. While spying on Mae, Enola comes across a letter written to Sarah from a secret lover. On Enola’s way home, she runs into a drunken Sherlock, who has been having difficulty of his own with a case.

Enola finally figures out that the letter is a poem and the poem is a code that leads to a home in Whitechapel. When she gets to the home, she finds Mae, who has been stabbed. Enola then finds a piece of sheet music in Mae’s pocket, but before she can get away, she is arrested for murder.

We won’t get any further into the story but rest assured, Enola’s case and Sherlock’s case eventually match up, causing them to work together to solve who is pulling the strings. Together they figure out who the mastermind is, introducing one of Sherlock Holmes’s most brilliant enemies. The film also introduces the one person who Sherlock has leaned on time and time again to help him solve problems.

The way Enola Holmes 2 ended makes it very easy to see an Enola Holmes 3. It was a great way to bring in characters any Holmes fan would recognize and in a way that opens up a whole new way of telling stories centered around Enola Holmes, but stories that also include Sherlock Holmes. Plus, there is a budding relationship Enola has with Tewkesbury (Louis Partridge) that needs addressing.


enola holmes 3

You can count Millie Bobby Brown as one who would love to see an Enola Holmes 3. She has already talked about how much she loves the character and can see how much more story there is to tell. But, Brown also feels an Enola Holmes 3 and any more adventures should challenge Enola in a more personal way.

“Yes, absolutely,” Brown said to Screenrant about the possibility of an Enola Holmes 3. “I would love to be a part of another one. I would love to see her do more cases, be put under pressure, be put in crazy situations, make her feel vulnerable again. I absolutely love seeing her back at work.”


Now that we know Brown is on board for Enola Holmes 3, the question steers itself to Henry Cavill. Apparently, after his recent announcement that he would be returning as Superman, his dance card is a little full. This after it was also announced that because of his return as Superman, Cavill would be giving up his role as Geralt of Rivia, handing the role in The Witcher to Liam Hemsworth.

Of course, it isn’t absolutely necessary to have Sherlock Holmes appear in Enola Holmes 3 or any story that would follow a third film. But a Sherlock Holmes appearance is always welcome. Then again, if Cavill can be replaced in The Witcher, if push comes to shove and the story requires Enola’s older brother, another actor could be the new Sherlock Holmes.


The introduction of familiar characters toward the end of Enola Holmes 2 might have set the table for the direction of a possible Enola Holmes 3. Whether it actually does or not, there is no shortage of Enola Holmes material. The first movie was based on the first novel in The Enola Holmes Mysteries, a series of seven novels written by Nancy Springer.

The second film, though, while based on the Enola Holmes character, took a detour from the storylines given by Springer by basing the story on an actual real-life event, the Matchgirls’ Strike of 1888. Harry Bradbeer directed both films and also wrote the story with Jack Thorne, (who handled the screenplay duties) explained how the story came to life.

“The Matchgirls’ Strike struck us as being a perfect feminist symbol — it was the first strike for women, by women,” Bradbeer explained to Variety. “That reflected our idea that Enola, to advance, has to work with others and not just be reliant on herself. It’s a story that goes from ‘I’ to ‘we,’ and that is a story of sisterhood.”

So, if they went off “script” for the second movie, is that what a possible Enola Holmes 3 could do? The second film was set in 1888 and introduced Whitechapel as a location. If the date and city sound familiar, they should. 1888 was when Jack the Ripper’s reign of terror sliced its way through Whitechapel.

This is not to say that Enola Holmes would go that dark, but you never know. A story involving Sherlock Holmes and Jack the Ripper would be interesting, but again, it may be more than producers want to bring to the mainly lighthearted Enola Holmes.


Perhaps the biggest reason fans will see an Enola Holmes 3 is the numbers the first two films have brought in. The first Enola Holmes movie was one of the most-watched films of all time on Netflix bringing in over 76 million views over the first 28 days on the super streamer. The second film was even more impressive as the first three days of its release grabbed 64 million view hours.

Netflix would be hard-pressed to turn away from those numbers, so don’t expect them to. Millie Bobby Brown is game to keep the series going with Enola Holmes 3 and there are plenty more stories to tell. Come on, Netflix, what are you waiting for?

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