Boston Dynamics Just Added A Terrifying New Feature To Their Robot

Boston Dynamics has added a moveable arm to their robot, Spot. Run and hide all you want, Spot can now find you using his robot arms.

By Ross Bonaime | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

Boston Dynamics at this point is just aiding the robots in eventually taking us over. The company has already launched their line of “Spot” robots, which look like mechanical dogs with their heads lopped off, which can react to human interaction, walk downstairs, and – supposedly – waits for their time to rise up and strike, becoming the inevitable masters of the human race. But to help Spot in its robotic uprising, Boston Dynamics has decided to give this robot an arm.

In a video posted to Boston Dynamics’ YouTube page, we are shown just what mankind has to contend with when these robots try to unite and destroy mankind. Spot can now pick up various items, with an arm that looks like a combination of a crane machine and a snake ready to attack. The head swivels, moving towards an item, then moves to pick it up, before putting the item in a basket held on its back.

In one of the video’s most concerning images, one of the armless robots is shown jumping rope at the Boston Dynamics office. When the camera zooms out, we are shown that holding the rope are two of the robots with arms. Do you see? They’re already working together! It’s all fun and jump rope right now, but wait until they figure out how to turn that jump rope into a noose. Humans are screwed.

Boston Dynamics Spot
“Knock, knock, human. It is I, Spot, coming to find you.”

Oh, but you’re probably thinking, “Well, if the robots do come after me, at least I can hide, right?” NO! Boston Dynamics has considered that too! The video also shows Spot slowly opening a door, then peeking his arm around the door to see what lies behind the door. It’s like watching the velociraptors coming after the children in Jurassic Park, and Boston Dynamics is the John Hammond proudly showing off their creation.

With this arm, Spot is also showed turning on a lever, dragging a cinderblock across a driveway, and even planting a plant with a hand trowel. The future isn’t just robots, it’s robots killing us with cinderblocks, then hiding the evidence. I hope you’re proud of yourself, Boston Dynamics. The video ends with one of the armed Spots using chalk to write out “Boston Dynamics” in check. No word on what else Spot can write, like “resistance is futile,” “death is inevitable for humans,” or “where did we bury that blood-covered cinderblock?”

On the Boston Dynamics website, the company explains that their original Spot model can carry about 30 pounds of equipment on its back, its easy to control through built-in cameras, can balance itself in uncertain surroundings, and the Spots can be customized with various hardware and different software. It is unclear as of yet if Skynet technology can be uploaded into Spot directly.

Boston Dynamics Spot
Working together, one robot uprising at a time.

But Boston Dynamic giving Spot an arm is both slightly terrifying and also kind of cool. As Spot becomes more and more intricate and customizable, we can see the incredible possibilities of robotics in the modern-day. These advancements in technology are not only impressive, but it’s good to know what to expect when we are all slaves to our new robot leader, Spot.