WonderCon 2012: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

By Saralyn Smith | 9 years ago

There’s a chapter missing from Abraham Lincoln’s life, as told in most American history books. That chapter, according to Fox’s new film, is full of vampires. Enter Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Read along as we live-blog the footage and panel at WonderCon!

1:26: Starts off with an amusing intro by “Tim Burton” from London. And by Tim Burton, I mean a mummified rubber figure shut up in a hospital room with stripper-esque nurses and a Russian Orthodox priest/doctor.

1:27: Oh no! Burton’s dead!

1:28: Seth Graham Smith, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter‘s creator, introduces director Timur Bekmambetov (The Darkest Hour) and actor Benjamin Walker, who plays our vamp-killing president.

1:30: It’s exciting that they’ll be showing one of the “big set pieces,” but disappointing that it’s only in 2D.

1:31: The footage shows Lincoln trying to get ammunition through to Gettysburg by train. A train that is teaming with vampires and speeding over a giant wooden bridge, which also happens to be set aflame. The use of slow-motion is a bit gratuitous, but the variety of methods vampires are dispatched is pretty amusing.

1:37: Ever wondered how the writer came up the idea? Turns out, he got the idea on a book tour for Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, which was always displayed next to Twilight.

1:40: Everyone promises that the material is being approached “unapologetically.” Don’t expect a great deal of tongue-in-cheek or knowing glances at the audience. It will be fun and smart, but also commit to the concept of Abraham Lincoln as the nation’s first “superhero.”

1:43: One of the major changes made for the film was the addition of a “big bad,” which was absent from the book.

1:46: Fun fact — the film will be released on the shortest night of the year!

1:50: And we finish up with the first 3D trailer for the film! Really good trailer, but not great 3D.