Watch The First 8 Minutes Of Tonight’s Revolution, The Stand

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

It’s been almost four full months since we’ve seen new episodes of NBC’s blackout drama Revoution, but in less than an hour the show finally returns to the airwaves. The network has done what they can to keep the freshman series in the public eye, most notably with a pair of short webseries, but at 10/9c this evening, you can finally sit down for an hour-long installment.

If you’re fiending for a fix, like shivering, sweating, and grinding your teeth, and just can’t wait a little bit longer, you can relax now. We have the first eight minutes of episode eleven, “The Stand,” for your perusal. Enjoy.

Over the extended break there has been much talk from the cast and crew of Revolution that the second half of the season will up the stakes, both for the characters as well as for the world at large. From what we see in this video, that certainly looks to be the case.

Picking up where the last episode left off, “The Stand” begins with a newly operational helicopter rising into the air and chasing after our heroes. After cornering them and blowing the hell out of a building, the pilot leaves them for dead. Don’t worry, they live. This would be a crappy way to rekindle a season if you killed off all of your main characters. Sure, the show really needs to do something with Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) and Danny Matheson (Graham Rogers)—two of the most bland, useless characters on TV—but that’s a discussion for another time.

After their harrowing brush with death, Charlie, Danny, Miles (Billy Burke), Rachel (Elizabeth Mitchell), Aaron (Zac Orth), and Nora (Daniella Alonso) take a moment to appreciate what they have, before latching on to the fact that Rachel knows about the medallions, knows how to turn the lights back on, and, by the way, isn’t dead. They demand answers, for themselves and for you. That’s another promise we’ve received from creator Eric Kripke and producer J.J. Abrams, that we’ll get more answers in the coming episodes.

We then get a sneak peek of how General Monroe (David Lyons) plans to use his newfound power. First up is a show of force against the rebels, then he plans to march on to Georgia, the Plains Nation, and California, ultimately uniting the former United States under the banner of the Monroe Republic.

This is a solid beginning, one that sets up a greater struggle ahead. Whether that translates into better characters, more consistency episode to episode, and an overall better show, that remains to be seen.

What do you think? Does this pique your interest? Are you on board for the rest of the season, or are you going to cut your loses and walk away? Are you even interested in Revolution at all?