The Walking Dead’s Sarah Wayne Callies On Last Episode’s Shocking Ending (Spoilers!)

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago


Lori on The Walking Dead has been one of the most polarizing characters on the series. You can chalk this one up to poor writing. Sarah Wayne Callies is a fine actor and she does (did) a tremendous job with what she was given. Lori’s untimely departure from the zombie post-apocalyptic world in the episode “Killer Within” was met with gut-wrenching emotion from her fans and sheer glee from her haters. No matter how you feel about the character, her death was a big shock to TV viewers and an affirmation to fans of the comic book that anyone can die at any time.

In an interview with E!, actor Sarah Wayne Callies chimes in with her view of her Lori character, what her death means for the future of the TV series, and how it will affect her on-screen husband, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln).

In the book, Rick goes nuts because she dies. I think the way he goes nuts is pretty cool, and I think we want to see that at some point. Will Rick accept the child? Will this child have a chance? I think this is something that [Lori] settled into her own mind. I think she believes that Rick is a man who will not turn his back on a baby.

In future episodes we’ll find out the sex of the newborn baby but until then Lori’s death was unexpected, especially if you were a fan of the comic book. Lori dies (and baby Judith) in the comic book but in a very different way. Rick still copes with her death as he starts to hear Lori’s disembodied voice all around him and on random telephones. Of course, this is all in Rick’s head, but it still comforts him to know that she’ll always be with him. Let me warn you: Rick goes down a very dark road because of Lori’s death. Things are not going to get cheery for Rick or his group of zombie survivalists.

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