The Walking Dead Gets A Hilarious Bad Lip Reading Treatment

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

“You know a fish can hear you thinking just before you sneeze.”

The gang behind the Bad Lip Reading YouTube page never fail to provoke a shame-inducing giggle session. They’ve dubbed surreal voiceovers on such esteemed subjects as Twilight, The Amazing Spider-Man, politics, and the NFL. Now that they’ve taken a bite out of AMC’s The Walking Dead, we can all experience this series with dialogue far more interesting than what we actually got to hear each week. Throw your bloody tomatoes, haters.

It’s hard to do something like summarize the above video in any way other than just pointing out all my favorite moments. And to do that, I would just invite you to watch the video again. It’s longer than most of their other videos because it wisely takes on all three seasons of the show, and manages not to spoil anything in the process. I mean, it kind of spoils how much of a plug Andrea is, but the show was quick to do that for everyone anyway.

The video also brings in the added element of giving zombies dialogue, which is a nice change of pace, and they also added more musical elements, obviously hitting the apex with the Governor’s quasi-musical. But it’s really just about the weird interpretations of what these characters are saying.

“I need a man that can decorate and mix my brew.”

This tops the ’90s Walking Dead as far as clever send-ups are concerned. And if you’re feeling like piling on the chuckles, check out the Hunger Games reading they put out last year.

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