The Walking Dead: The 1990s Version

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

Hey, did you know that somewhere, someplace, in an alternate universe or dimension, AMC’s The Walking Dead actually first aired all the way back in 1995? Okay, that’s a lie, which you probably guessed right away. But what if it had? That’s the exact scenario behind this new video, imagining the opening credits as a period piece, of sorts.

Doesn’t this make you nostalgic for the days of yore? I don’t necessarily get a sci-fi or horror vibe from this faux introduction, though. For some reason I can’t help but think of a domestic family drama. There’s a definite sense of suburban angst going on here. Or maybe a mid ’80s buddy detective show, like Jake and the Fatman or Simon and Simon.

I love that the guy behind the video, who goes by the Spinal Tap-lovin’ moniker goestoeleven on YouTube, went through the effort of cropping the video. Out of everything else—the color, the music, the gritty video feel—that feels like the touch that really sells this, that makes you feel like you’re watching a late-night rerun on USA or TBS, or maybe one of those weird-ass channels that only some cable providers carry, the ones that show episodes of Mannix and Knight Rider.

Maybe somewhere, when we finally have the technological ability to jump from dimension to dimension and back and forth in time, we’ll get to visit a world where this is a part of the pop culture landscape of days past. Can’t you also imagine that there were at least a couple of made-for-TV movies thrown into the canon near the end of the run? That feels like a standard practice for the era, and I’d certainly like to get a look at those.