The Walking Dead: The Game Relives Every Tragedy In Season 2 Finale Trailer

By Nick Venable | 6 years ago

A video game is often only as good as its lead character, and Telltale’s The Walking Dead: The Game rests comfortably on the shoulders of young Clementine, a survivor who has gone through just about every kind of tragedy in the game’s two seasons. The Season 2 finale, “No Going Back,” will be available for download tomorrow, and the five-minute preview seen above makes me want to put on a battered baseball cap and hit the streets, looking for a reason to live. It’s kind of depressing.

When we last saw Clementine in Episode 4, she was in the middle of a Mexican standoff between members of her group and members of another group, called into play by an asshole twerp named Arvo. We didn’t even get a “Next Time on…” segment at the end, making one wonder just what the hell is in store for these characters.

Instead of focusing on upcoming events, though, the preview heads back into the past, culling together almost every heartbreaking and tragic moment from Clementine’s past. We get to relive events from Season 1, where the redemptive Lee taught Clementine how to make it in a world overrun by walkers. Remember these ugly mugs? And Kenny’s other eye?

walking dead game

We then revisit Carver and the trials and tribulations of Season 2’s first four episodes. But those were still fresh on my mind, so I was eager to see how this next episode would get teased. And again, instead of showing us what will happen, the clip shows us what is presumably the last conversation between Clementine and her mother, occurring over the phone as the babysitter films a raccoon climbing out of the young girl’s treehouse. The same one she hid in back when Lee was prowling through the house. It’s all rather depressing, but no more so than every other sequence in this game.

Now, there is definitely new footage in the preview, but it consists mostly of people sitting or walking around, depressed about what’s happened. Who made it out of the last episode alive? Who died? I have no idea, beyond Clementine. But the way she holds her gun close is a sign that she has experienced yet another mentally debilitating, corpse-heavy event.

walking dead game

Who will you become? Find out when The Walking Dead: The Game hits the PC, Mac, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita on August 26, with the Xbox 360 version available for download on August 27. Have you guys been participating in the “#MyClementine” campaign on Twitter, or does getting bitten on the arm by zombie dogs sound like a better time?

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