Walking Dead Adds A New Cast Member And Releases Awesome German Subway Ads

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

andrew j. westWhile fans of AMC’s The Walking Dead have been waiting for the zombie drama to bring the face-stomping badass Abraham from the comic to the series, showrunner Scott Gimple is bringing in another new and important character in mind, and has hired actor Andrew J. West to take the part.

Exactly what part is this? Well, his name is Gareth, and that’s about all we know. They’re keeping details under wraps for now, but don’t worry if you can’t remember his name from the comics, he doesnt appear in them. THR‘s sources claim the West’s role will have a big presence in the narrative, and that even though he isn’t a direct representation of previously established character, he is a “remixed” version of a Robert Kirkman creation. He’ll first appear when the series comes back from its winter hiatus in February, and they’re keeping the option open to bring him back into the fifth season. I dare not wager a guess as to who West will be a remix of, as that will almost definitely mean he is not that person. I’ll leave the conjectures to you guys.

That’s a pretty big career step for West, who is best known for his stint on the ABC Family comedy Greek in 2009. He’s appeared in a whole host of other TV shows, including Castle and Suburgatory, and will soon star in a handful of indie features. You’ll see him soon in the Anna Mastro son-of-God comedy Walter, as well as Jean Veber’s mystery thriller Bipolar.

It probably won’t be long before West starts appearing on show adverts, but probably not the ones that Fox Germany has added to some Berlin subway stations in order to attract more female fans. Developed by Berlin ad agency Saint Elmo, the electronic billboard appears to be for a cosmetics company, but when people actually walk up to the ad, the attractive model turns into a decrepit zombie and promotes the fourth season. Take a peek below at the before and after.

walking dead ad

walking dead adThere’s probably some inherent sexism in implying that women respond stronger to makeup adverts than others, but whatever works. The guys who do the makeup for Walking Dead are some of the best in the biz, so maybe they were just tying that in.

How does everyone feel about the Governor’s return and potential tanking? Ladies, you can answer first, after watching the clip below for Sunday’s “Dead Weight.”