These Walking Dead Promos May Have Just Spoiled An Iconic Moment From The Comics

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

If you didn’t watch last week’s episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead, “Live Bait,” or if you want to avoid potential spoilers for the next episode, “Dead Weight,” STOP READING NOW. Seriously, there are SPOILERS beyond this point. Keep on moving.

“Live Bait” reintroduced fans of the zombie drama to the Governor (David Morrissey), and threw him into the fray of season four with his very own standalone episode. This was a kinder, gentler version of character, except for that moment when he crushed an old man zombie skull in with a fire extinguisher in front of his family. But that needed to be done, so you can forgive it. For the most part he was disturbed and wounded, but not a total psychopath. At the end of the episode, when he encounters his old hoodlum cronies from Woodbury, you start to wonder if he is going to fall back into his old ways. If a new photo and trailer from New Zealand are any indication, an iconic moment from Robert Kirkman’s comics could be on the horizon for Sunday.

The Walking Dead
The story of “Live Bait” was lifted straight out of Kirkman’s novel The Rise of the Governor, which, as the title suggests, recounts how the man became the legend. If you’ve read the comics you know that, at least in that realm, the Governor’s saga comes to a rather dramatic end at the prison, and that end involves a very particular piece of equipment that MTV may have just revealed.

In the source material, the Governor rides into the prison stronghold atop a freaking tank. That has to be terrifying to witness. One minute you’re hinging out there, protecting your home from walkers, the next, a one-eyed madman is driving a tank straight for you. The Walking Dead has shown willingness to depart from the source material, like killing off Andrea (Laurie Holden), but this seems to indicate that the end at the prison is going to follow a similar path as in the comics.

The trailer below, a teaser from the New Zealand run of The Walking Dead, also appears to confirm these suspicions. We don’t know for certain that he’s going to steamroll the prison in the tank, but we do know that there is a tank involved, which sounds like it could be a lot of fun.

Given what we already know about upcoming casting this season, many of us already suspected that the gang at the prison was going to be forced out soon. We know the show is going to introduce new characters from the comics—Abe, Eugene, and Rosita. The trio joins the party after the final showdown with the Governor leaves the prison, and the group of survivors, in ruins.

“Dead Weight” airs on AMC on Sunday, November 24.