Star Trek Into Darkness Spoof Commercial Wants To Insure Your Spaceship

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

Don’t you hate it when, no matter how good you are at your job, there’s that one co-worker who’s always just a little bit ahead of you? You know the one: he or she always gets sweet assignments, the action-packed, sexy jobs, while you’re left doing the boring stuff that no one really cares about. That’s the exact predicament of Captain Jerry and his crew in this new Esurance commercial that spoofs the upcoming release of Star Trek Into Darkness.

“Why does the Enterprise gets all the good missions?” he asks. Adding insult to injury, not only do they not get to go on all of the fun interstellar jaunts, they get into a fender bender. In space. Really? There wasn’t enough room to not run into another spaceship in space? That’s bad driving. But apparently Esurance covers such crashes, unlike other cheap-ass starship insurance companies. So, cool, I guess.

Maybe I sound overly droll, but this commercial is actually pretty funny and clever. I especially enjoy the bit where Captain Jerry—you never win with a name like Captain Jerry—and Second Officer Pam ask the driver of the other ship if he’s okay. Things get awkward when they assume he’s hurt, but it turns out that what they think is an injury is really just his face. Oops. Fortunately for everyone, they have the modern tools provided by Esurance.

These are pretty elaborate costumes and sets for a 30-second TV spot, but when you’re one of the main marketing partners for a movie like Star Trek Into Darkness, you spare no expense. At the very least it’s a better production than what the IRS came up with