Slick New Trailer For Robotech Fan Film

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

Some of us have been waiting a long, long time for a live-action Robotech film. There have been starts and stops over the years, but most of us have had to satisfy ourselves with the anime (not a bad consolation prize at all, when you look at it from an objective standpoint). Still, massive shape-shifting robots that aren’t Transformers? That’s the dream.

Until the day when that actually happens, we’ll just have to satiate ourselves with things like this awesome fan-made trailer. This video is meant to tease a larger fan film called Robotech Valkyrie Project.

This looks pretty damn good for a no-budget mixture of live action and CGI from an Argentinean outfit, Creavision Films. Pay particular attention to when the suits transform, and when the planes fly. Those are some sweet visuals, all things considered.

One thing they definitely have with Robotech Valkyrie Project is an epic sense and colossal scope. Even for as small as it is, this feels like something much, much larger. Lots of unnecessary explosions, giant robots storming through the streets, and aircraft carriers under siege will do that for you.

If nothing else, this trailer should do a couple of things. First, it will make you want a live action Robotech movie even more than you already do. It will make you marvel at the endless creativity and drive that inform fandom. And it will get you even more pumped up for next summer’s Pacific Rim.

Here is a teaser trailer for Valkyrie Project that they released earlier this year. While not quite as good across the board, you can still see the intention and potential.

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