The CW’s Selection Pilot Finds Its Prince

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago


The CW really wants to make a series out of the young adult novel The Selection. They’ve already taken one swing at a pilot, which was apparently a big old strike, but they’re in the process of casting a second attempt. Now they’ve found their prince in the form of newcomer Michael Malarkey.

According to THR, Malarkey will play Prince Moxon, a part first played by Ethan Peck. Based on the upcoming book by Kiera Cass, The Selection is an epic romance set 300 years in the future. It follows the life of a young woman named America Singer (a role recently awarded to Israeli actress Yael Grobglas). When she is selected, via lottery, to participate in a contest that sounds like a combination of The Hunger Games and The Bachelor, she joins 25 other participants in striving for the prince’s hand.

In addition to navigating the bloodthirsty competition, the working-class America gets involved in all kinds of romantic tangles, political intrigue, and a rebellion that boils beneath the surface, threatening to bring down the throne.

The spoiled but charming son of the king and queen, Maxon has a wild, reckless side that doesn’t exactly sit well with his parents. One cocky son of a bitch, he’s stoked to have a bunch of pretty young things vying for his attention, but he’s taken by America’s particular brand of spunkiness and spirit.

Malarkey is primarily known as a stage actor, having appeared in a number of London stage productions, including The Great Gatsby and Arthur, but has made a handful of forays into TV.