Oblivion Images Show Off The Tom Cruise Flick’s Cast And Tech

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

From Pacific Rim to Star Trek Into Darkness and After Earth, this year is going to be a big one for science fiction. Kicking off the outpouring of sci-fi genre movies is Oblivion, Joseph Kosinski’s follow-up to his directorial debut, Tron: Legacy. The film looks like it will be an action-packed thrill ride, so anticipation is sky high for the post-apocalyptic movie. To get audiences more excited, Universal has released another collection of new images from the Tom Cruise flick.

Many of the images center on the future technology of the film, such as the Sky Tower station and the physics-defying Bubble Ship. The images also show us more of Julia (Olga Kurylenko), the beautiful and mysterious woman Jack Harper (Tom Cruise) rescues, and Malcolm Beech (Morgan Freeman), the man behind the growing resistance movement Harper uncovers. Also shown is Beech’s right-hand man, Sykes (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau), a battle-hardened, intelligent military expert. This is actually the first time we’ve got a good look at Sykes, who promises to be a menacing threat.

The film’s co-writer and director, Joseph Kosinski, is hard at work putting the final touches on Oblivion before the movie’s April release date. The quality of the film will be of some concern. It really looks like we’ve seen a majority of the movie just through its promotional materials. Hopefully Joseph Kosinski will have something left in the tank to surprise and dazzle general audiences and sci-fi fans alike.

Oblivion is set in the distant future, after a bloody and terrible war with invading aliens. Although humans won the war, they were forced to leave the planet because it had become largely uninhabitable. The only man left on Earth is Jack Harper, a lonely, blue-collar mechanic who is stationed on the abandoned planet to fix malfunctioning drones. But when Harper crosses paths with Julia, his world becomes unhinged as he’s confronted with a secret resistance movement on Earth and the truth behind the war.

Oblivion will open in theaters everywhere on April 12th, and in IMAX theaters across the country one week later on April 19th.