Science Fiction’s Most Memorable Moments Of 2013 – Joelle & David’s Picks

By David Wharton | 7 years ago

JohnDiesJohn Dies at the End: The Opening Sequence
It might seem odd to include a relatively obscure movie on this list, but I was just as excited about John Dies at the End as I was about any of the high-profile releases such as Elysium or Pacific Rim. That’s because I spent part of 2012 reading the thoroughly awesome book the movie’s based on, written by Cracked’s resident genius David Wong. It was a brilliantly convoluted blend of science fiction, horror, and comedy that seemed way too weird to successfully translate to the big screen, but I was intrigued to see them try. And, honestly, it didn’t come through the transition unscathed, but there’s one part that is absolutely perfect.

The opening scene of the movie is essentially the opening of the book, with the protagonist offering up an “unsolvable riddle” involving an ax, a beheading, multiple trips to Home Depot, and a dead guy who refuses to stay dead. It has pretty much nothing to do with the story or characters of the book/film, but it sets the tone and morbid sense of humor perfectly. I wish the rest of the story could have fared as well, but I’ll always have that opening to put a smile on my face. – David

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