Joseph Kosinski Opens Up About The Mysteries Of Oblivion

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

oblivionAfter the release of the first trailer and poster for Oblivion, Joseph Kosinski’s follow up to Tron: Legacy is quickly becoming one of the most anticipated science fiction movies of 2013. Sci-fi genre fans were absolutely taken by the film’s post-apocalyptic future design and mysterious narrative.

In an interview, director Joseph Kosinski talked about the depiction of the future in his upcoming film Oblivion. The film stars Tom Cruise as Jack Harper, a mechanic who repairs robotic drones on the wasteland that is known as Earth. The film is set in the distant future, where after a war with aliens, humanity must rebuild their planet despite winning the conflict. Kosinski opened up about the film’s technology.

…the look of Jack Harper’s costume had to fit the world he was living in; the bubble ship, the sky tower, all had to feel like one consistent aesthetic. I wanted it to feel like everything is connected. It has to feel consistent the technology, the palate and the materials. Jack’s suit, you know, we haven’t seen our science fiction hero in a white suit before I don’t think, that’s a unique look. So that certainly was one of the aesthetic challenges that you have to push through an industry that’s used to having heroes in black.

In the trailer, Oblivion has a clean and slick look, which is contrasted with the aftermath of the post-war Earth. Part of buying into the world of Oblivion is making it look believable for general audiences. The other half of selling Oblivion is the film’s narrative, which is shrouded in mystery. Kosinski is taking the same approach J.J. Abrams that has taken in not giving too away in the film’s trailer or official synopsis. While some might not like this approach, it is a very effective way to garner attention from sci-fi genre fans.

Kosinski continues…

This movie is a thriller, it’s got a lot of twist and turns and the movie needs to be experienced in the theater. So that’s always the challenge, particularly with a movie like this, how do you say enough to an audience to promise them that there is a story worth coming to see but in doing so don’t give away enough that they see things coming. That’s always a challenge. But it is a thriller, my advice would be if you’re sold on going based on what you’ve seen so far, don’t watch anything else./blockquote>

While there’s only four months until the release of Oblivion, it’s slated to be one of the biggest movies of the spring movie season. Hopefully, the movie will live up to expectations. Kosinski’s first film Tron: Legacy was a disappointment to sci-fi genre fans. But with Oblivion, Kosinski seems like he might be turning the corner in terms of quality.

Oblivion will land in theaters everywhere on April 12th 2012 in 4K IMAX.

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