Iron Man In Real Life

By Will LeBlanc | 9 years ago

We’re all too aware of just how volatile the world of cosplay is. There’s a very thin line between some amazing costume work on the right person, and some really bad work on the wrong person. However, when it’s done right, great things can happen. We’ve seen cardboard Transformers outfits that actually transform, we’ve seen scantily clad Princess Leia wannabes that pull it off even better than Carrie Fisher, but nothing will ever amount to what I have here.

With The Avengers opening today, it only makes sense that cosplay around the rag tag band of Marvel superheroes would be ramped up, and ramped up it has been. This unnamed mastermind of cosplay has been discovered online and he makes all other cosplayers look like they’re wearing garbage bags. This is Iron Man taken to a whole new level of awesome with a heavy drizzle of amaze-sauce right on top. Enjoy being put to shame…

It doesn’t matter how long you live, this guy will always be better than you. The amount of engineering that must have gone into this thing is insane. There are so many moving parts, all seemingly triggered by the wearer making certain moves rather than him having to find buttons to push and the end result is an astoundingly smooth looking suit that will no doubt make the panties drop, Tony Stark style. Enjoy your mediocrity.