Own A Perfect Replica Of River Song’s Sonic Screwdriver And Diary

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

The holiday has come and gone, but I’m sure many of us have some Christmas cash to spend. Sure, you could blow it on DVDs or books or games or what-have-you…but why not invest in a bit of geekery that will make you the envy of all your fellow Whovians? You could own a handmade replica of River Song’s sonic screwdriver and diary, crafted by by the very same guy who built the actual sonic screwdrivers for Doctor Who. And it’ll only cost you $3,500.


Okay, that’s a spit-take worthy price tag, but this isn’t some crappy plastic reproduction, this is as close as you can get to owning River Song’s iconic props short of actually getting your hands on a screen-used prop…and that’ll cost you a lot more than three grand. Prop maker Nick Robatto will only be building 15 of these suckers, so you’re going to get some serious geek bragging rights if you get your hands on one. Plus, who knows what secrets might be hiding in that diary. Spoilers, sweetie!

You can sign up on the waiting list for the props from Quantum Mechanix, which will get you first dibs to pre-order in 2013. Here’s the full product description.

This special edition of the Sonic Screwdriver has been handmade for QMx by Doctor Who Prop Maker Nick Robatto, who is based in Cardiff, Wales. Like the prop seen on-screen, this sonic screwdriver lights up at the tip. And behind a removable cover there’s the neural relay which flashes to indicate the life force left in River Song.

River claims this antique-looking sonic screwdriver was a gift from the Doctor in an encounter he has no memory of, because her timeline runs contrary to his. Wibbly wobbly, timey-wimey stuff, indeed!

Each River Song’s Sonic Screwdriver – Artisan Master Series:

Is made entirely by hand by Mr. Robatto himself. Most of the parts were machined by hand — none were CNC’d; it is constructed exactly like the screen-used hero prop.

Consists of approximately 70 components, most of them made of aluminum, brass, resin, nylon and polymethyl methacrylate.

Features a crackle paint similar to that used on the 10th’s Doctor’s Sonic. However, the crackle is a bit larger and the color deeper and darker to reflect the age of River Song’s Sonic.

Takes two weeks to assemble.

Contains no found objects, with the exception of screws and electronic components. All other parts are handmade.

Measures about 6.89 inches (175 mm) long.

Each River Song’s Sonic Screwdriver – Artisan Master Series comes nestled in a River Song diary prop replica. On the inside cover is a certificate of authenticity with the edition number and Nick Robatto’s signature. The sonic and diary come packaged in a handmade wooden chest that features the Doctor Who logo.



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