Seven Great Sci-Fi Movies That Are About To Vanish From Netflix

By David Wharton | 6 years ago

TrekIVStar Trek II: The Wrath of Khan & Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
The only two original-cast Star Trek movies currently on Netflix are about to beam out of your queue, and given that they’re also two of the very best Star Trek movies, period, it might be time for an emergency double-feature. Wrath of Khan is an undisputed classic that inevitably makes most people’s top 10 lists when it comes to big-screen science fiction, and rewatching it should help get the bad taste of Star Trek Into Darkness out of your brain if you’re in the camp that thinks that movie was the franchise’s nadir. It’s a rip-rousing adventure yarn that pits Kirk and the Enterprise crew against one of the best screen villains ever (a scene-chewing Ricardo Montalban at his scene-chewingest). But as much as I love Wrath of Khan, The Voyage Home is the one I loved the most growing up, wearing my dad’s VHS copy down to the nub. It’s got a creepy/mysterious alien probe that’s wreaking havoc, the fish-out-of-water Enterprise crew forced to deal with the vagaries of 1980s Earth, and a script that’s the funniest Trek has ever been. I love Italian. And so do you.

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