Firefly Owners Have A (Fake) Magazine To Call Their Own

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

Firefly fans and haters alike, I ask you to not get yourselves worked up over anything here. We’re not trying to hint about Joss Whedon bringing the show back, and we’re not laughing hysterically at those who still think it might happen. We’re just sharing a cool image someone made, that’s all. Just a drama-free post about a picture, and nothing else. But seriously, Firefly is coming back. Mwahaha!


That photo above was posted on Joss Whedon’s Facebook page. Just your average, ordinary copy of Firefly Owner Monthly, sitting next to a Serenity coffee mug. No, it isn’t how Whedon likes to spend his free time in between finishing novel-sized outlines for the next Avengers movie, but even if it was, he doesn’t actually own a Firefly ship anyway. He seems like much too busy a guy to read about livestock transport. By the same logic, one might wonder why there are copies of Field and Stream at my house, but I think it’s from joining some website whose fine print I didn’t pay attention to.

The mock-up image was actually created by U.K. digital artist GrahamTG, for his DeviantArt profile, as part of a contest for the website Even though my picky side wants to be critical about the boring fonts, that’s not really the point, is it?

It’s a classy piece of fan-created memorabilia celebrating a deeply missed series, and it made it through the pipeline to Whedon himself. I believe most people would consider that a success. When I took the quiz inside, it said the Firefly character I have the most in common with is Inara. I don’t think anyone would call that a success.

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