Under The Dome Gets A Season Two Trailer And Adds Dwight Yoakam

By Brent McKnight | 7 years ago

Under the Dome was an unexpected breakout hit for CBS last summer, so of course the supposedly limited run got extended for a second season. The new episodes begin Monday, June 30, and the network has released a new trailer/preview to hint at what’s in store for fans next season, and we’ve got news of at least one more new cast member.

If nothing else, the debut episode should be a doozy. First off, Stephen King, who wrote the book the show is based on, penned the script, and given his penchant for plot twists and turns, that alone should be enough to make this interesting. We’ve also been promised multiple deaths, and executive producer Neal Baer states again here that two key players won’t make it through the premiere alive.

The last time we heard about the bloodshed, Baer said that two of six possible characters will be the ones to go. Some would totally change the look and feel of the show, while others would be more like, oh, that’s sad, but not have much of an impact. Sheriff Linda Esquivel (Natalie Martinez) would be the biggest shake up to the cast, but local hoarder Andrea (Dale Raoul), angst-ridden teen Norrie (Mackenzie Lintz), Norrie’s adopted mother Carolyn (Aisha Hinds), local DJ Phil Bushey (Nicholas Strong), and slacker skater-kid Ben (John Elvis) would all mean a less serious change. This video definitely wants to indicate that Linda is in trouble, especially since you see her get the living shit shocked out of her.

There’s quite a bit more going on in this minute and a half of video, too. Baer and his partner in crime Bryan K. Vaughn remind you that the dome itself came from another world, and that it is there to protect the residents of Chester’s Mill. That brings up a few questions, like who sent it, why these people in this place, what exactly are they being protected from (it seems like the dome is making everything worse), and what about everyone else on the planet who doesn’t live in this one small town?

There also appears to be some magic going on. Are those fairies? What’s the deal with that glowing egg? When you bring forces from the other world, that opens up pretty much anything you want to do, and King is good at doing whatever the hell he wants in his books.

Just as important as the impending deaths, are the new additions to the town teased in this trailer. First off is Junior’s uncle. He’s apparently been hiding out, which explains why he hasn’t been seen up to this point. Supposedly this mystery relative will come into conflict with Barbie, and you get the distinct impression that maybe he was hiding because he’s some sort of criminal. The next fresh face is a young schoolteacher. Since you don’t figure someone of that description has a lot to hide, you have to wonder just what she’s been up to while the rest of the town was tearing itself apart.

These aren’t going to be the only new folks thrown into the mix, however. THR reports that Dwight Yoakam will also appear in multiple episodes, chiefly as a rival to Big Jim (Dean Norris). He plays barbershop owner Lyle Chumley, which is a very Stephen King name, who apparently had a romantic relationship with Jim’s wife and “has a mysterious connection to the Dome and very well may know the answer to its origins.”

These are just a few of the issues that season two of Under the Dome is going to have to address, if not answer directly, when it kicks off in a few months.

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