Doctor Who Trailers Tease The Deep Fear You’ll Experience In The Next Episode

By Brent McKnight | 7 years ago

Doctor Who is back, and season 8 of BBC’s revamped franchise is kicking and kicking hard. After setting ratings records for its premiere, which also happened to be the proper introduction to Peter Capaldi’s twelfth version of the venerable Time Lord, they’re already on to their fourth episode of the young year. Just in case you’re not paying attention, they’ve got two short new teaser trailers for the next episode, “Listen.”

This first video is really just an officially released version of the stinger at the end of last week’s episode, Robin of Sherwood, which you may recall was slightly edited due to the beheading of two foreign journalists in the Middle East. (There was reportedly a decapitation in a climactic moment of the episode, and the BBC executives decided it might be in poor taste to air such a scene so close to such a hot button topic, nerves might still be a little bit raw on that front.)

“Listen” follows the Doctor and his travelling companion Clara (Jenna Coleman), and shows what happens “when ghosts of the past and future crowd into their lives.” They embark on a new adventure that takes them to the furthest reaches of the galaxy, and we’ll apparently get to learn what truly, deeply frightens the last living Time Lord of Gallifrey.

From the looks of this, as well as the description, it looks like fans are going to get a kind of sci-fi ghost story, one that examines the very nature of fear and probes into the darkest recesses of the minds of the characters in order to discover what most frightens them. That sounds like good time to us, perhaps an episode more suited to air around Halloween, but we’ll take it whenever we can get it. And besides, there’s always a Christmas special near the Holidays, and Halloween doesn’t want to encroach on that, now does it?

This shorter teaser doesn’t really tell you much about the nuts and bolts mechanics of the episode, but in the span of ten seconds, much less really if you discount the logo that takes up half the screen time, it certainly does set a mood. Creepy, eerie, and full of terror is what you walk away from this expecting, and again, from what little we know, that appears to be what’s in store for the Doctor and Clara this week.

“Listen” airs in Doctor Who’s usual time slot, this Saturday, September 13, at 9:00pm on BBC America.