Doctor Who Season 8 Finally Gets Release Date!

By Nick Venable | 7 years ago

doctor whoCancel everything you have planned for Saturday, August 23! Actually, you might just want to throw all your calendars and datebooks out, because timey is going to get a little wimey, as that’s when Doctor Who will return to BBC America for its eighth modern season, with the class act Peter Capaldi starring as the Twelfth Doctor. Finally!

Bully on BBC America for waiting so long before declaring an exact date, but at least they released a too-short teaser to go along with the announcement. The teaser isn’t dripping with new footage or anything, though it does give us a better look at the Doctor standing in front of explosions, as hinted at in the first promo. There’s some cynical part of me that wants to complain about teasers teasing other teasers, but we’re in a celebratory mode here.

We can hear the Doctor asking returning companion Clara (Jenna Coleman) if he is a good man or not. And then we hear her saying, “I don’t think I know who the Doctor is anymore.” It’s not a direct response to his question, but offers us a clue into the kind of dark shit Capaldi’s time lord may be getting himself into. I mean, of all the characters on TV, the Doctor is specifically the person whose identity can be questioned in such a manner. Anyway, check out the clip below.

Doctor Who has some more big news that came out this past week. The magazine SFX celebrated their 250th issue with a giant list of the 250 greatest moments in sci-fi, horror, and fantasy. Such a task is most certainly daunting, and there were over 96,000 votes to tabulate. In the end, David Tennant’s Doctor and companion Rose (Billie Piper) saying goodbye to each other on the beach of Bad Wolf Bay in the 2006 episode “Doomsday” topped the list. Get depressed all over again by watching it below.

Tennant responded to SFX’s poll in a humorous way, saying, “I remember worrying on the day we shot this scene that as I was actually a projection from inside the TARDIS my hair shouldn’t be blowing in the wind.” And more sincerely, he said, “Whatever else I do and wherever else I end up, this will be a moment I will be forever proud to look back on. Thanks for having us at number one.”

Catch up with Season 7 >on Netflix, and you might has well start sprucing up your own personal TARDIS for the August 23 premiere, entitled “Deep Breath.”