Comic(s) Relief: Image Comics Launching Five New Sci-Fi Titles In 2014

By David Wharton | 7 years ago

BitchPlanetBitch Planet
Writer Kelly Sue DeConnick (Pretty Deadly) teams with artist Valentine De Landro for Bitch Planet. With a title like that, it shouldn’t’t surprise you to learn that the series will take that most hallowed of C-grade exploitation pulpery — the “Women in Prison” movie — and wrap it up in sci-fi trappings. No doubt very skimpy sci-fi trappings. Bitch Planet will tell the tale of five inmates at an all-female prison planet. Obviously, they’d like to leave, and the chance to do so may come in the form of a gladiatorial event that will pit them against a team of visiting male prisoners. (They get field days in space jail?)

Don’t expect it to be one unbroken series of Sapphic rubdowns involving Enterprise-style “decontamination gel,” however. DeConnick says:

I have a profound and abiding love for exploitation films, but as a feminist, I also find many (if not most) of them deeply problematic — for reasons that are both obvious and that I can’t expound on without sounding like an academic paper. “These are two WILDLY mixed feelings. And I love mixed feelings. It happens that mixed feelings are the perfect soil composition for fiction.

Bitch Planet is an ongoing series that will premiere sometime in 2014.

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