Blood Glacier’s Latest Clip Is For The Bird-Like Creatures

By Nick Venable | 7 years ago

In anticipation for the release of IFC Midnight’s upcoming creature feature Blood Glacier, a new clip has been dropped down upon us to stick its talon into our thighs. We’re highly amped up for Marvin Kren’s film, which was once simply called The Station, but this is the clip where dreams start to shatter and the stubborn mold of our expectations begins to crack. Or perhaps something less dramatic sounding.

Like being attacked by a bird. Don’t get me wrong, this clip isn’t the most inane thing in the world or anything, assuming you keep the volume low. It just doesn’t look above par for the practical special effects course. We’ve been championing this film, both for wearing its The Thing admiration on its sleeve, and for Kren’s insistence on severely limiting the CGI that went into the film, choosing to practically recreate anything possible. The trailers have done a great job of showing it off in small doses, but here…

Here we have a character in pink shoes and dark stockings running down a large-rock-filled path as a flying ball of arts and crafts descends upon her. It’s just tense enough until she trips on the rocks, and instead of flying face-first into the rocks as physics would dictate, there’s an edit and she somehow lands on her back, just as the creature sort of lands on her, and sort of stays hovering in the air on top of her as she pushes it away. I can’t even tell if it’s pecking her or anything, but once that talon comes out like a switchblade — complete with a “shink” sound, no less — you know the woman is in for it. She’s stabbed in the thigh, and her screams somehow become even more high-pitched and unbearable, and then the clip just ends mid-scream.

It’s all rather jarring and amateurish, and I’m wondering if the person who turned this into an official clip was paying attention. At least the clip released on Earth Day was atmospheric and gross, instead of loud and obnoxious. I’m sure it plays fine enough within the context of everything else, but this doesn’t really make me anxious to tell more people about it. Take a look at a dog’s horrifying discovery below.

Blood Glacier takes place in the German alps, as a team of scientists are doing research at a climate observation station. They soon find a red liquid pouring out of a large glacier nearby, and it’s not long before they witness its effects on the wildlife surrounding them, as everything mutates into weird murderous creatures. Part environmental revenge thriller and part gore-galore horror, Blood Glacier is still on my must-see list, and I’ll be getting to it once it hits VOD outlets (and select theaters) on May 2. Check the full trailer out below.

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