BBC America’s Intruders Immortalizes Our Interest With Recent Teasers

By Nick Venable | Updated

While we still aren’t quite sure just how much science fiction we’ll see in BBC America’s upcoming thriller Intruders, we’re still highly interested in it regardless. Anything with a potential “creepy factor’ of seven or above gets our attention, and Intruders has put out several unsettling teasers recently that have definitely kept our attention rapt. The latest, seen above, features a child actor and borders on overly precocious annoyance, but it’s sill weird enough to stand out. Kids are inherently frightening, right?

Based on the popular 2009 novel from author Michael Marshall called The Intruders, the series isn’t about home invasions, but rather body invasions. The story will center on a secret society attempting to solve the mystery of immortality by using the bodies of other living people. Assuming it follows the basic plot of the book, we can expect to see things go bad for an ex-cop dealing with a highly troubled past and a missing wife, a young Oregonian girl whose viciousness belies her sweet face, and a missing scientist whose family was brutally murdered. Plus an assassin and a conspiracy. This one has it all, people!

I’m guessing the self-aware girl in the clip above is the one I previously mentioned. One of my biggest pet peeves in movies and TV is “children who act way too much like adults.” I realize it’s totally justified here by the story, assuming an adult male or female has taken over this girl’s body/mind in some way, but it still rubs me the wrong way, and I already can’t wait to see that character get hurt somehow. For those taking score, I also have real problems in my life, but these child actors, I mean, come on!

Take a peek at a teaser released last week, in which Doctor Who‘s John Simm is laying down with a knife sticking out of his torso. Is he dead? Is he going to appear in someone else’s body? Did he remember to turn the oven off before being stabbed?

And now here’s the first teaser, in which Mira Sorvino vacantly stares off for a while and then starts talking about there being death “in the beginning.” That sounds like cult language to me.

Considering BBC America has already given us the awesomeness that is Orphan Black, my confidence is high that Intruders will be something special. Written by X-Files vet Glen Morgan and directed by Blair Witch Project co-helmer Eduardo Sanchez and The Last Exorcism‘s Daniel Stamm, Intruders will invade your home and body when it premieres later this year.