Warm Bodies Author Isaac Marion Talks About The Sequel Novel

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

WARM BODIESOne of the most surprising hit films of 2013 was director Jonathan Levine’s big-screen adaptation of author Isaac Marion’s best-selling novel, Warm Bodies. While not all of us liked it, it still did decent business, and it seems likely we’ll get a sequel at some point. In fact, Marion is busy at work writing a sequel to his first Warm Bodies novel. Marion already released a prequel novella titled The New Hunger, which depicts how the zombie apocalypse occurred. The 32-year-old author left the Warm Bodies novel’s ending as open-ended as Jonathan Levine did in the film adaptation, so there’s room for improvement and expansion.

Marion has offered up a few tidbits about the forthcoming sequel, which will be the final conclusion of the story he started in 2010. He also revealed that the sequel would be “much bigger” and “more complex” than the original Warm Bodies. Although Marion didn’t reveal the book’s title, he did say that it would not be titled Warm Bodies 2 or Warm Bodies: Even Warmer.

Warm Bodies takes place in a dystopian world where zombies have taken over the world. There are some small pockets of humanity still alive, protected in walled-off and gated communities. The story is told from the perspective of a zombie named R. But when R meets a human named Julie, he doesn’t try to eat her, but rather begins to fall in love with her. With every warm feeling between the two of them, R becomes more and more human.

The film adaptation was pretty good, but the world Levine created wasn’t as in-depth as it could’ve been. Hopefully this could get remedied in the new sequel. Teresa Palmer’s performance of R’s love interest, Julie, was a bit lacking, as her acting makes Kristen Stewart look like Meryl Streep.

There is no release date for the Warm Bodies sequel, but it’s expected to hit bookstores sometime in mid-2014. In the meantime, watch the blooper reel from Warm Bodies below:

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