An Android Becomes Self Aware In The Stunning Kara Game Tech Demo

By David Wharton | Published

Last week many of the videogame industry’s top talents were gathered in San Francisco for the annual Game Developer’s Conference. One of the notable guests was David Cage, studio head of Quantic Dream, the developer responsible for the game Heavy Rain. While that game was far from perfect, its facial animations were extremely impressive, suggesting that we may yet find a way to hurdle the uncanny valley sometime soon. At one of the GDC panels, Cage wowed the audience with “Kara,” a seven-minute short film created using Quantic Dream’s new engine and running in real-time on the Playstation 3. “Kara” is not pulled from any future game, but is instead a tech demo that doubles as a compelling short film about an android who achieves more awareness than her creators ever intended.

“Kara” doesn’t quite achieve the semi-creepy veracity of L.A. Noire‘s motion-scanned faces, but it’s still damned impressive, especially when backed by a heart-tugging short story like this one.

Story via GamesRadar