Washington Attorney Claims He Has Traveled Through Time

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

Most of us have accepted that time travel will probably always remain limited to the realms of science fiction. But for one Vancouver, Washington attorney, time travel is a fact. Wait, that should probably be “fact.” At any rate, an attorney named Andrew Basiago is not only claiming that time travel does, in fact, exist, he says he personally took part in a top-secret government time-travel experiment over 40 years ago.

The face of a time traveler?

Basiago claims that he and his father took part in a government-funded program called Project Pegasus during the Cold War in 1969 (Basiago was seven years old at the time). The program allegedly enlisted 140 kids and 60 adults to travel through time and space. Naturally, he says the US government has covered it up for over 40 years. Basiago describes his first jump with his father:

My dad held my hand, we jumped through the field of energy, and we seem to be moving very rapidly but there was also a paradox and we seemed to be going no where at all.

Where did they go? Basiago recalls they had many encounters and adventures on Earth and Mars, including meeting a young Barack Obama (Basiago states the 44th President went by a different name), going to Ford Theatre on the day President Lincoln was assassinated (he also states he never witnessed John Wilkes Booth pull the trigger), and being dressed in authentic 1860s fashion to see President Lincoln deliver the Gettysburg Address.

Basiago also contends the teleportation in Star Trek is all wrong. He says it’s more like traveling through a tunnel than being broken down into particles. Here’s how he explains the process:

No, in fact if you had just arrived via quantum teleportation, the Star Trek method of teleportation, you would have collapsed as a dead person. A tunnel was opening up in time-space just like a soap bubble being blown by a child. And when that bubble closed, we were repositioned elsewhere in time-space on the face of the Earth.

Here’s the KOMO Channel 4 report about Basiago:

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