See Navy Warships Swarmed By UFOs In New Video

Check out the radar video of a UFO swarm flying around a US Navy warship off the coast of San Diego. Could this have been an encounter

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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The UFO talk has only been ramping up over the past year or so and could be reaching a crescendo soon with the possibility of major details being released by the government this month. And lately, we’ve been getting more possible evidence of encounters released with new videos surfacing that point to the idea that we’ve been visited many, many times by UFOs over the years. The latest is some radar video that appears to show a US Navy warship being swarmed by all kinds of unidentified objects that look like anything but human-made craft. 

The most recent UFO video was released on the YouTube channel of Jeremy Corbell and at first glance, it just looks like a 45-second clip of boring old radar. But then you realize what you are really seeing. That’s because this radar was picking up unidentified aircraft in the area of their ships and these things weren’t behaving like standard crafts in flight. They were moving incredibly fast and there were a lot of them popping up on and dropping off the radar. Here, check out the video:

It’s a little tough to follow exactly what’s going on here and there’s no firm confirmation that this was definitely a UFO swarm, but that’s looking very much like a possibility. The radar video is cut up a bit but on it, you can see a number of unidentified craft all over the screen. In the beginning, there are five, spread out across the radar but then two mysteriously disappear. You can hear one of the radar techs saying, “Holy s@#%. They’re going fast. Oh, it’s turning around.”

Then near the end of the video we see not one, but 14 total possible UFOs popping up on the screen. The radar techs in this video never use the word UFO outright, but it’s obvious this is a major event, something that can’t be totally explained and worth taking pretty seriously. The video was shot in 2019 and comes from the USS Omaha which was operating off the coast of San Diego. The possible UFOs on-screen measured around six feet in diameter and were moving at speeds of up to 150 miles per hour. 

This radar report is related to another video taken from this UFO encounter. That was also released last week and showed at least one UFO, but maybe more, disappearing into the water during the encounter. This didn’t appear to be a crash, but rather a coordinated move by the craft. No wreckage was reported found from this maneuver. In all, though this radar footage is rather short, the overall encounter lasted more than an hour with the objects flying in that vicinity for the duration. 

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As part of the Covid relief bill signed last year, the government made it a priority to release all known possible UFO encounters to the public and declassify these unexplained incidents. That’s just one reason we’ve been getting much more UFO talk of late. This has just been one of many examples of things that have happened over the years that are very difficult to explain. 

Due out this month, we are sure to keep getting more UFO information and other examples of possible first contact. Heck, President Barack Obama already came out and said there’s stuff out there that can’t be explained. With more and more videos showing up every day, it looks like we’ve been visited more than a few times by, well, something. And this latest radar video shows that they might be coming in bigger numbers.