UFO Video From US Navy Shows Craft Vanishing Into The Ocean

The UFO trailing the US Navy for an hour seemingly disappears into the ocean, not to be seen again. Watch the footage.

By Faith McKay | Published

This article is more than 2 years old


The USS Omaha was off the coast of California, near San Diego, when it filmed a spherical UFO flying over the ocean. The footage takes place on July 15, 2019, but was only recently released by Jeremy Corbell of Extraordinary Beliefs. He isn’t naming his source for the video. While the footage is brief, the sphere appeared to be following the USS Omaha for a solid hour. The footage was recorded at night using thermal cameras. Most interestingly, the sphere appears to drop into the ocean at the end of the one-minute footage, not to be seen again.

The USS Omaha was outfitted with gear that should have helped them find the UFO, but they couldn’t. The wreckage was never recovered. Is the unidentified flying object made for the water and under there still? Did it resurface out of frame? Did it crash and wash up somewhere? As with most sightings, the mystery raises more questions than it answers. You can watch the one-minute UFO clip filmed by the US Navy below.

You can hear the personnel on board yelling “It splashed!” when the UFO disappears at the end, but that’s not necessarily what happened. The object basically disappears. Did it go into the water? It was hovering just above. However, since the object wasn’t traced in the water, you can’t actually make any conclusions. With unidentified aerial phenomena, the protocol is to stay curious, open-minded, and not rule anything out. Jeremy Corbell has been sharing information on the Extraordinary Beliefs website and doing interviews with multiple outlets.

Previously, Corbell shared footage also taken in 2019 that Extraordinary Beliefs recovered. He claimed that footage was also taken by the US Navy. It showed pyramid-shaped UFOs with a flashing light. In that instance, Pentagon spokesperson Susan Gough confirmed the footage was taken by the US Navy in 2019 as Corbell claimed. They also confirmed that the Pentagon’s Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force was aware of and looking into that incident. Due to national security issues, they were unable to confirm whether they had any conclusions. If they already identified what the UFO was, they were unable to share that information.

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The Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force was formed in 2020 to further explore and document UFO sightings, specifically from the US Military. The hope is that the task force will standardize the system for collecting and investigating these incidents. The new name also works as a rebranding for unidentified flying objects. They’re considered a national security risk and a mystery, but not necessarily extraterrestrial. The term “UFO” is always associated with alien beings. The term unidentified aerial phenomena, abbreviated as UAP, attempts to help people have conversations about this national security risk in a more serious way.

Right now, this latest footage is being discussed widely across outlets. It’s gaining more attention after former President Obama recently shared his curiosity about UFOs, and the previous footage the website released was confirmed by the Pentagon. More information about this mystery may emerge over the coming weeks as more journalists continue to probe and ask questions about the unique sighting.