Leaked UFO Video Is Real, Confirmed By The Pentagon

By Faith McKay | 3 weeks ago


In 2019, a series of photos and video were leaked online of a UFO. The images were said to be taken by people in the Navy. While unidentified objects are frequently recorded these days, this one stood out as being particularly strange. A triangle-shaped object was blinking in the sky. There aren’t a lot of things you could guess something so strange for being. This particular footage was so odd that it simply seemed too odd to be real.

But now the Department of Defense has addressed this footage from 2019. Spokesperson Sue Gough has confirmed that this footage was recorded by Navy personnel. Gough also confirmed that three other instances were confirmed to be seen by Navy personnel, including footage of a UFO shaped like an acorn, a sphere, and another one they refer to as a metallic blimp. None of it is as strange as the blinking triangle, though. Here’s the leaked footage and photos from YouTube.

The UFO photos and footage were being shared by Jeremy Corbell and George Knapp long before the Pentagon decided to confirm they were real. On the subject of sharing this type of information, Spokesperson Sue Gough said that in order to “maintain operations security”, they can’t share UFO footage with the public on a regular basis. Instead, footage taken by their personnel within designated airspace and training ranges is to be given to the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force.

The Department of Defense doesn’t refer to unidentified flying objects as UFOs anymore. Now, they call them UAPs, which means Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. This may be because it’s a more descriptive and encompassing name of what they’re encountering. It may also be an attempt to get people to take the situation more seriously. Typically, reports on UFOs are handled in a laughing manner. No one wants to appear like they believe little green men are about to invade. However, this new task force, complete with its new name, is attempting to be taken fairly seriously as it addresses unidentified objects the military has encountered in space.

Currently, people are waiting for their big report expected in June, which will be released publicly. This report is expected to include overviews of many UFOs we have never heard about before. With how many get leaked, like the blinking triangle above, it’s hard to imagine just how much they’ll be revealing to the public in June.

starlink satellites

During 2020, we had more civilian reports of UFOs than ever before. This was in part because so many people were home and looking at the skys due to the coronavirus pandemic. It’s always in part because at this point in time, we have more technology available to send things in to space and to record it. SpaceX is frequently sending satellites into space for Starlink, and those satellites reflect light and look like lines of blinking objects in the sky. There’s just more up there. However, civilian sightings are different from the types of things the military encounters. The blinking triangle above is a great example. You can compare that with the train of Starlink satellites in the video below.

What will the Department of Defense reveal in their June reports? Probably something stranger than the blinking triangle UFO they’ve just confirmed. Which is strange to consider, because that was pretty odd.