Non-Human Body Recovered From Crashed UFO, See The Video From Government Hearing

By Britta DeVore | Updated

The U.S. Capitol Building

 If you thought that alien excitement was calming down, think again. Whistleblower, David Grusch, a former intelligence official, took the hot seat in front of the House to share his information about extraterrestrial lifeforms. In a Twitter video of the hearing, Grusch can be heard as he shares information that the discovery of a UFO crash uncovered an alien body from the wreckage. 

At today’s congressional hearing, former intelligence officer David Grusch said that a non-human body has been recovered from a crashed spacecraft.

In the clip, Grusch can be seen being questioned by South Carolina Representative Nancy Mace, who is prodding the whistleblower on his field experience in dealing with top-secret government information. While she understands that Grusch can’t answer some questions, Mace asks about the “bodies of the pilots” from the shattered ship.

To that, Grusch responds that the UFO victims were not of a human body but of something from another planet.

To further bolster his claims surrounding the UFO crash, Grusch says that the pilot’s body that was found at the site was biologically studied by specialists who still work for the program that he was attached to. Pushing for proof, the South Carolina Representative asks Grusch if there is any physical or eye-witness evidence that could back up his statements.

To this, Grusch said that there was evidence but that he wasn’t allowed to release it and that it would be something to address another member of the team about.

Finally, Representative Mace asked who Grusch believed should be asked to attend and answer questions at the next meeting held surrounding UAPs (unidentified aerial phenomena). Bringing out the big guns, Grusch came prepared, revealing that he was willing to give the board a “specific cooperative and hostile witness list” as soon as his questioning was over.

Grusch said that there was evidence but that he wasn’t allowed to release it and that it would be something to address another member of the team about.

With this, the clip comes to a close, painting an optimistic future for further information surrounding the downed UFO and any body that was found with it.

The Truth Is Out There

The X-Files

We as a nation have been obsessed with learning more about a life beyond our own for decades now with locations like Area 51 and events like what happened in Roswell, New Mexico a hot topic for the last several decades. Roswell draws a special comparison to the events described by Grusch as the initial reports stated that a crashed UFO had led to the discovery of several alien bodies as well as a possible survivor or two.

Considered to be one of the government’s biggest cover-ups, many of those who were there on the day of what’s come to be known as the Roswell Incident have stood by the idea that it was not at all a weather balloon, as the military would later claim, but that it was, in fact, an alien landing.

This year alone, we’ve seen headlines concerning UFO-like objects and, although this is the first time a body has been brought into the discussion, many of those in the armed forces (specifically the Air Force) have spoken out about bizarre things they’ve seen in the skies. As Grusch’s story is a developing one, it will be interesting to hear from other members of his team that may also have some out-of-this-world stories to tell.