See Proof That Jedi Misuse The Force To Make Breakfast

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

Galactic Senate propaganda has lead us all to believe that the Jedi are hard working, protectors of the galaxy who only use the Force as a last resort. But the truth is that this whole Force powers thing is just a way for them to get out of having to do chores. They use midichlorians like their personal slave army to do all the mundane things in life they can’t be bothered to do.

Don’t believe me? Still willing to buy into that pro-Jedi propaganda? Then let this video change your mind. This is how Jedi eat breakfast…

Someone should probably show this guy season 6 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Isn’t it about time we stopped wasting tax dollars on these loathsome, self-entitled, Force-using sloths? Regular people who have to get up and make their own breakfast before speeder-biking off to a loathsome job shoveling Rancor manure at Jabba’s palace should not have to support this lifestyle of laziness. Rise up Republic citizens, and let the Jedi know it’s time they poured their own milk!

* This message brought to by the Sith ad council.