Patrick Stewart Performs A Flawless Quarduple Take While Possibly Higher Than The Enterprise

By Nick Venable | 7 years ago

So this video needs a little prep work before viewing. Sir Patrick Stewart, the man who will forever be remembered as Star Trek‘s Captain Picard and the X-Men franchise’s Professor Xavier. If you’ve ever wondered exactly how Stewart was able to capitalize on his talents to deliver such respectable performances, this clip might not do it for you. His fiancée, singer-songwriter Sunny Ozell, captured a video of Stewart in acting teacher mode, unveiling his mastery of one of the rarest feats of comedy. She put it on her YouTube page, and it’s pretty much the best way to spend the next 2:23 of your life.

Now, we’re not saying that Stewart was imbibing before giving this masterclass, but it wouldn’t be a surprise. Especially since he actually overdoes it and performs a quintuple take, losing count in the process. If I’d been acting opposite him in a scene, I would have broken nearly every 15 seconds, and much more audibly than Ozell’s quiet chuckles. And I’m not necessarily imbibing right now either. Maybe. In any case, his tiny smirks are nearly as amusing as his prolonged explanation behind the act of the quadruple take itself. Including repeatedly hearing him say, “Her buns are the best.” The most successful kinds of comedy are meant to be taken 90% seriously.

It’s kind of awesome to think about conversations like this happening all the time in the Stewart/Ozell household, especially ones that involve quadruple takes. Just picturing him take a gigantic bong rip while smearing peanut butter on top of cookie dough that’s going in the oven. I wonder if he calls and orders his own pizza and Chinese food.

Thanks to Reddit, the following GIF exists.

quadruple take

Part of me secretly wishes that Stewart was more off-the-cuff, just like Deputy Director Bullock, the character he voices on American Dad. But you just can’t trust these Englishmen to be disrespectful or to do coke or to have strange fetishes. Knights, am I right? Below you’ll find a video of Stewart talking about playing Bullock and the joy it gives him to say awful things.

And because Ozell has such a great voice, here’s a short video of her rendition of Hank Williams’ “I Can’t Help It If I’m Still in Love With You.” I’m going to need to hear a duet between Ozell and Stewart one day.

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