Cattle Being Found With Blood And Body Parts Mysteriously Removed In Oregon

By Faith McKay | 1 month ago


The staff at the Silvies Valley Ranch in Oregon are now required to ride in pairs and carry firearms while on the job. Their ranch is nearly the size of the city of Chicago, and somehow, their cows are winding up dead in the most bizarre and gruesome of ways. Unfortunately, they’re not the only ones with this problem. Eastern Oregon has seen a string of recent cow mutilations starting on February 27, 2021.

The Oregon ranchers are discovering their cows in more gruesome circumstances than could make any sense. Why would anyone want to cleanly remove the udders from a cow? The parts of the animals have varied from animal to animal, but they’re always cleanly cut. That means wolves or bears aren’t to blame. These cows aren’t dying of poisonous plants. Somehow, a 2,000-pound bull is being taken down in a way that doesn’t leave a mess. Ranchers are suspecting a coordinated effort.

However, this raises a larger question of why someone would do that. Not just an individual, but a coordinated group of people, coming together to take down large cattle, and do so cleanly. And how is it that anyone, let alone multiple people, are doing this without leaving a trail behind? No footprints, no tire tracks to follow. If you’ve been to a ranch in Eastern Oregon, you’ll know just how strange that is. This isn’t the kind of land where your footprints would go unnoticed. There should be a trail. There should be blood. There should be a reason for why someone would want to remove the udders from a cow. The mystery only gets stranger the more you look at it.

oregon cows

While the public is calling the Sheriff’s office with suggestions like radiation, alien abductions, and the North Vietnamese army, the Oregon police say they’re keeping an open mind and not making any speculations of their own. They’ve said that these events happen in runs. They say this almost like it’s normal, or to be expected. Unfortunately, ranching is a time-consuming business. Ranchers don’t have the time to figure out what’s happening to their cattle, even if it threatens their safety and their bottom lines. In the case of Silvies Valley Ranch, five young bulls were killed. They would have sold for nearly $7,000 each, let alone their future offspring. If the local police in Oregon aren’t going to find the answers, who will? The FBI declined to say if they were or were not investigating the matter.

This recent string of cattle mutilation is happening in Crook County, Oregon, but it’s certainly not unique. The History Channel actually documents cattle mutilations going back centuries. Veterinarians have told the channel that a bloodless effect can happen when the cattle have time to settle. With the carcass sitting still for a long time, the blood settles away from the surface areas. The blood becomes oddly distributed and makes the cow appear to be bloodless.

The History Channel also explores an experiment the Arkansas police conducted in 1979. They placed a dead cow in a field and watched to see what happened. In this instance, they observed that bacterial bloating tore the animal’s skin in a clean-cut manner like they were seeing in the recent mutilation cases. They also observed maggots and blowflies cleaning out organs and specific parts of the animal. While these are possible explanations, The History Channel also explores possibilities like aliens, cults, and economic anxiety driving people to protest in a unique, and violent, manner.