See A Massive Deadly Snake Sunbathing In A Local Park

A massive snake was spotted in a local park. See the video here.

By Michileen Martin | Published

This article is more than 2 years old


Jack Carson will likely be looking twice at every branch he spots on the ground for a while. The 22-year-old Scottish man was shocked last week to find a huge snake leisurely hanging out in the grass of a park.

According to Glasgow Live, Carson and his girlfriend were in the Drumry district of Clydesbank, Scotland when they stumbled upon what Carson estimated was a 14-foot long boa constrictor sunbathing in the grass. The 22-year-old said he saw a man laying near the snake and drinking a beer. Carson described the unidentified man as reacting casually to the snake, so he thought the man might be the owner. He captured the reptile on video and posted it to Twitter where it quickly received over 100,000 views, though you can’t see the possible owner Carson later spoke of.

In the video, you can hear Carson saying “I’m not tripping boys, that’s a big f— off snake.” Then, after a few moments, “I’m in Drumry mate. Big massive snake.” He later told Glasgow Live that you can’t see his girlfriend in the video because she wouldn’t get any closer to the animal. He wasn’t able to learn what happened to the snake because he and his girlfriend were on their way to catch a train at Drumry Train Station.

Scotland seems to be dealing with a good number of shocking snake sightings recently. A week before the incident in Clydesbank, per the National, Emma Charsley spotted what was described as a “huge” snake slithering through the grass of Glasgow’s Queen’s Park. At last word, the snake was in the care of the Scottish Society for the Protection of Animals, and Charsley was attempting to find the reptile’s owner.


Earlier this year, residents of the Scottish town of Greenock had even more reason to fear — or, at the very least, their pets did. The Daily Record reported a 14-foot Burmese Python — a snake native to southeast Asia and known to be able to devour pigs and goats whole — was loose in Greenock. Authorities learned of the animal because of multiple videos and images posted on social media. At the time of the Daily Record’s report, the snake had been captured and was in the care of a veterinarian. While no one had yet determined how the snake had gotten loose, authorities did say they didn’t suspect any criminal intent on the part of the owner.

But sometimes the deadliest snake is the one you don’t see, as an Australian couple learned a little over a week ago. In part, because the COVID-19 pandemic had forced Dan and Brittany Atlas to pair down their wedding, they’d given their new dog Ruby the job of bridesmaid. The blessing of their wedding was almost ruined with loss when they found Ruby cold, frothing at the mouth, and unable to walk. Thankfully the couple was able to get Ruby to a vet in time to confirm she’d been bitten by a brown snake and to treat her for the bite. When the couple’s wedding came, Ruby was still recovering and couldn’t attend, but the vet was kind enough to post an adorable message from the pup via Instagram.

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