A Manmade Transformer And An Indie Video Game Make For Awesome Marriage Proposals

By Nick Venable | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

If you’re finished looking to H.P. Lovecraft for your dating connections, and are in need of a way to tell your beloved that you want to spend the rest of your live with him or her, you might think about taking her out to a nice dinner and proposing in the middle of the meal. When she wakes up from her boredom-induced coma, she just might say yes. However, if you want a more extravagant way to express your passion, take a note from this Chinese man, who proposed using a larger than life Transformer that he built, and from this video game designer, who created a game that worked as a proposal to his girlfriend. Whoever said love is dead forgot to check for a pulse.

Using over 400 drawings as a reference point, the Baoding native reportedly spent over $10,000 and used more than 40,000 rivets to create this 24-foot tall behemoth of metal badassery. It took him ten months to complete, which is longer than some people date before misguidedly getting hitched. I certainly hope the person he proposed to said yes, as this would have been a pretty big waste of…well, nothing really, now he has a robot. Even if he went on as a single man, he’d always have a gigantic Optimus Prime in his yard. That’s much better than the lattice fence and empty plant pots that are in mine.

From cartoon tie-ins to video games, we arrive at game designer Robert Fink, who created the short, relatively simple game Knight Man as a way of asking his girlfriend, fellow designer Angel White, to marry him. As he writes on the game’s website, where you can go and play Knight Man right now, Fink made the game at his friend’s house over the course of a few months. He told White that he was working late, which could totally have backfired. He told her that she was testing a new game that his company was making, and had their families hiding out waiting in a nearby coffee shop. Once she got to the end, the proposal came up, and presumably tears and cheers were had by all. You can watch most of the proceedings in the video below.

Amazing, right? I played the game for about ten minutes and the only proposition I got was from my brain, asking me why I call myself a video game fan when I’m so shitty at them. It’s too bad I’m already married, or I’d come up with a way to hypnotize a woman into asking herself to marry me.

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