Kate Upton Makes Zero Gravity Tantalizing For Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

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kate uptonAll right guys, I think it’s time that we put aside our thinking caps for a little while and focus on pure instinct. Some may feel the urge to get really high class when looking at photos of boobs floating in zero gravity, but that’s not the case here at GFR. We don’t think perversion should be tied down by laws posed by Isaac Newton, who probably never even pictured nipples on the apples that supposedly inspired his discoveries. And so we present a series of pictures and videos devoted to Kate Upton’s zero-G photo shoot for the recently released Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. Speaking of sports…balls. Okay, so maybe I’ll put the thinking cap back on for a few minutes longer.

As she is featured on the rear cover of the mag, this makes Upton’s third straight cover for SI‘s annual specialty issue. The 21-year-old supermodel has become one of the most recognizable faces in the industry, and she’s also starting to build a movie career on top of that. She has appeared in Tower Heist and The Three Stooges, with a starring role in Nick Cassavetes’ upcoming comedy The Other Woman with Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann. Something tells me that film won’t involve the young beauty floating around the G-Force One like these photos do. As such, I probably won’t be watching that movie.

Wearing a gold bikini and Manolo Blahnik high heels — these are facts I found online, mind you — Upton floated around the plane for a while with such props as a non-bowling ball and two crew members who look as if they picked the wrong week to give up taking anti-nausea medicine. Take the obviously touched-up photo below, where it’s ridiculously obvious that everyone who isn’t a model is either frozen to death, or wasn’t important enough to be colored to look like a human being. Well, at least the guy’s fingers are a recognizable shade of Caucasian. Maybe they just need some coffee to warm up.

kate upton

Is anyone reading these words at this point? Upton told E! News Now, “It was one of my favorite experiences so far in my life. You have no control over your limbs and you’re twirling; you don’t know what’s the ceiling and what’s the floor and it’s a really cool feeling.” Here are a few more shots for those whose eyeballs haven’t already floated out of their skulls.

kate upton

kate upton

kate upton

While this is good for sexuality and everything, I’m pretty interested in seeing this zero-gravity technique make it to more publications. A Food & Wine article about what meals and drinks should be paired together when a fork and spoon aren’t needed. Or maybe a Field & Stream with a feature on how to hunt in space. Maybe Highlights could put Goofus and Gallant up there. Boomerang Weekly? The options are endless.

Speaking of endless, here are two more videos of Upton barely dressed. The first is for this space shoot, and the one beneath it features her shoot in Antarctica last year.