You Can Now Smell Like A Super Mario Bros Game

Cosmetics company Lush has released a line of products inspired by Super Mario Bros.

By Jason Collins | Updated

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Following Nintendo’s collaboration with Red Wing Shoes, which resulted in one-of-a-kind Super Mario Boots, Nintendo collaborated with Lush to produce an entire line of Super Mario cosmetics, ranging from bath bombs to shower gels—there a total of eight different products, some of which are character based. This is truly marketing at its finest; Shigeru Miyamoto did state that Nintendo is looking to expand its franchises beyond the world of gaming—though we honestly thought he was referring to the upcoming Super Mario Bros. film.

Lush, a cosmetics company founded in 1995 as a successor to Constantine & Weir Cosmetics To Go from the early ‘70s, just released a whole product line based on Super Mario, including a shower gel that makes you smell like the iconic Italian plumber—who apparently smells like cola. There’s also a Luigi shower gel that’s scented like a crisp green apple, while Princess Peaches body spray smells like a fruity burst of peach and pineapple. For anyone wondering how Bowser smells, according to Lush, he smells like a combination of cinnamon leaf oil, zingy lime, and sweet benzoin.

Super Mario Lush product line also includes a golden coin soap, question block bath bombs, and a question block gift box, which is unfortunately out of stock. Considering that this is a Limited Edition product line, it’s questionable whether these products will ever make a comeback, so if you want to smell like Mario or just want unique, limited edition memorabilia—that’s probably going to be worth a small fortune in about five years—we suggest that you hurry up and place your orders. Please note that our previous comment on memorabilia prices isn’t actual financial advice.

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Interestingly enough, several other items, such as soaps shaped like Fire Piranha, mushrooms, and invincibility stars, are also featured on the Super Mario Lush promo material, but those products seemingly aren’t for sale. At least not yet, anyway. If the upcoming movie, starring Chris Pratt as Mario, turns out the be a success—and the odds are looking good—it’s entirely possible for Nintendo to milk the franchise the same way Disney treats its own IPs.

So, we might be looking at more Super Mario Lush soap, Mario cereals, album stickers, a trove of animated shows, and ultimately Super Mario-shaped oxygen atoms once the science progresses enough. Is it safe to call Nintendo the Disney of the East? Whatever the case may be, it turns out that Nintendo dialed their franchise expansion to 11 now that they have the chance to lead the console market once again, though they’re still some 30 million Switch units sales from that happening.

Did we mention that the Japanese pre-order edition of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom ships out with forks and spoons with the official The Legend of Zelda lettering and imagery? Yes, apparently, a cloth map and a few pins aren’t hip anymore, and Nintendo decided to take it up a notch and deliver something truly unique. And to be entirely honest, the most hardcore among the gaming collective could probably benefit from Nintendo-issued utensils and personal hygiene products.