Street Fighter 6 Is Really Happening, See The New Look In The Trailer

Capcom decided to break the internet by dropping a teaser trailer for the brand new Street Fighter 6, which coincides with Capcom's 35th anniversary.

By James Brizuela | Published

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Fans of fighting games rejoice! Capcom decided to break the internet by dropping a teaser trailer for the brand new Street Fighter 6, which coincides with Capcom’s 35th anniversary. Although the news of the game had been partially leaked during a data breach, Capcom shared no other details. Fans presumed the game would be coming out sometime this year, according to the leaked statement which indicated a 2022 quarter three release schedule. That could still be true considering the company dropped a teaser. You can check out the trailer below:

The release of the teaser trailer coincided with the Capcom Pro Tour fighting game competition. Although a countdown indicated was marked for 9 PM EST, the countdown stayed locked until the competition concluded. One of the first things to notice in the trailer is the art style seems to have changed. While Street Fighter V held a more traditional comic-style art, it seems as if Street Fighter 6 is planning to show more realism. This is based on the veins in the arm of Luke, and the sweat and steam permeating off Ryu’s body.

Another notable mention is that of Luke Sullivan. He was the final fighter announced for Street Fighter V: Championship edition and the final character announced for the roster of that entry. He was said to return in Street Fighter 6, and the teaser trailer is holding true to that fact. It looks as though we are finally going to see a more grizzled Ryu as well, considering he is sporting a long beard. The bearded Ryu isn’t exactly new (dubbed as “Hot Ryu” by the internet) as it was revealed as an alternative costume in SFV, but it appears as it is going to be a mainstay look for the story of the new game. You can see an image of the “new” Ryu below.

Street Fighter 6

One thing that is a bit odd is in the logo itself. Street Fighter has long been using the same yellow lettering motif that is iconic in nature, or a variation of that in SFV, but it appears as if Street Fighter 6 is doing away with the iconic lettering for some more contemporary initials this time around. This could be due to the fact that the art style might be more elevated as well. A brand-new look for SF might not be a bad idea, but the fans will have to wait until this summer to get further details, as indicated by Capcom. Summer isn’t a long time to wait, but it could mean that the game could potentially release in 2023 considering there is only a teaser right now. However, with the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S well underway, it might be smart to release the new entry this year.

SFV had a bit of a tepid release, but the additional Arcade and Championship editions were created and released to more favorable criticisms. The long-time producer of the series, Yoshinori Oro, will be returning to collaborate on Street Fighter 6, even though he left Capcom after nearly 30 years with the company. An additional announcement from Capcom was that a 10 fighting game collection is being released in June of this year on PS4, Xbox, PC, and Nintendo Switch which includes the full Darkstalkers series. Although there is no additional information yet, summer is right around the corner people. Hold your Hadouken till then.