Star Wars: The Old Republic Stuns Fans With Cinematic Trailer

Star Wars: The Old Republic, released a new expansion, called Legacy of the Sith, complemented by a graphically stunning trailer.

By Jason Collins | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

star wars the old republic

Star Wars: The Old Republic celebrates its 10th anniversary with the game’s developer BioWare releasing the new expansion, called Legacy of the Sith. This release is complemented by a graphically stunning trailer. The recently dropped Disorder trailer is just another cinematic in a very long line of gloriously gorgeous CGI trailers that don’t actually depict the MMO’s gameplay but still offer plenty of excitement for the fans of the franchise.

You can watch the 6-minute Disorder trailer below:

As reported by Collider, the newly released trailer, which clocks just over six minutes long, is more akin to a short action film rather than a video game trailer. But fighting sequences, of which there are plenty within those six minutes, are only a part of what makes this cinematic release so great. Admittedly, it does have an emotional arc that centers on the consequences of power and how those impact the powerful. But those watching a Star Wars: The Old Republic trailer for the first time don’t actually need to be acquainted with the game’s ongoing narrative for the trailer’s emotional beats to resonate.

There are some question marks here and there, like why is one of the Sith, the antagonists of the franchise, killing one of his allies? Those answers are likely to be found in the expansion’s story, but that’s really beside the point of the trailer. Its punchline, the single key element that’s crucial to the narrative, is still beautifully shown by the trailer in its final moments — the realization of a Jedi Padawan that the very systems that are intended to serve them are now failing the Masters, Knights, and Padawans. The Jedi approach might not be so just after all.

Of course, the Star Wars: The Old Republic trailer is telling a story from the villain’s standpoint (though you have to question who the real villain is), centering on the cruelty of Jedi’s practices for taking only those who have the strongest connection to the force, while leaving behind those that don’t. It goes to show, in the battle between Darth Malgus and Master Orr, the shortcomings of the Jedi Order who left the Padawan’s brother in enslavement, not because he wasn’t sensitive to the force, but simply because he wasn’t sensitive enough. There’s even Malgus’ willingness to avoid killing the Jedi Master and his Padawan, opting to open their eyes to the cruel practices of the Order that only fuel the pain and anger that sparked the ongoing war with the Sith in the first place.

Ultimately, if it wasn’t a trailer for a Star Wars: The Old Republic video game, this would’ve made a fantastic Star Wars film because it criticizes the structures and teachings of institutions such as the Jedi Order, with its set of ideals the fans of the franchise revered almost as if they were religious teachings. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t do the trailer justice, at least in the graphics department — Star Wars: The Old Republic is everything you can expect from a 10-year-old MMORPG in that regard. But it adds to the game’s massive story, nonetheless. Star Wars: The Old Republic — The Legacy of The Sith is playable now.