Star Wars Eclipse Just Got Devastating News

Star Wars Eclipse has been hit with yet another round of devastating news. It's hard to know when we will ever get this game.

By Jason Collins | Published

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It seems that the upcoming Star Wars Eclipse, the new Star Wars game developed by Quantic Dream, has been hit by further delays, pushing back the release window to 2027-2028. This is devastating news for the fans of the game and the entire franchise, considering it was originally scheduled for the 2023-2024 release window and then postponed for 2026-2027. Unfortunately, Quantic Dream hasn’t released an official statement regarding the cause of the delay, though sources close to the company suggest understaffing as the most likely cause.

According to CBR, sources close to Star Wars Eclipse developer Quantic Dream reportedly told gaming website XFire that the ongoing development has suffered from low staffing and the inability to acquire new talent and employees. As a result, despite the overwhelmingly positive reception of the game’s trailer, it hasn’t produced the desired effect of attracting more talent to the development studio. Without the adequate staffing to work on the game, its release has been postponed until 2027-2028. This does sound like an awfully long waiting period, and it is, but Quantic Dream might still release the game sooner if they overcome their underemployment struggles.

It’s worth mentioning that the game has been under active development for 20 months now, just shy under two years. Paired with the newly suggested release date, which adds another 5 to 6 years to the development cycle, Star Wars Eclipse might end up gestating for as long as Cyberpunk 2077 did. Long development periods aren’t that common, and gamers usually look the other way if the end result is a magnificent narrative paired with compelling gameplay, red of all bugs and errors. However, we already witnessed the botchy release of Cyberpunk 2077, and some reports have even suggested that the upcoming Eclipse is having problems of its own.

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As per our previous report, a reputable game industry insider, Tom Henderson, revealed that Quantic Dream has issues with Star Wars Eclipse‘s game engine. Namely, Quantic Dream’s proprietary engine was designed to run entirely different game types, and it suffered heavy modifications so that it could be used for Eclipse. But unfortunately, the engine still couldn’t cope with or run the game issue-free, even after extensive alterations to its coding. That meant that Quantic Dream didn’t have a playable version of the game internally when the original report was written, indicating a much rockier start than it was originally anticipated.

Henderson did point out that the engine-related issues were a rumor, and in retrospect, the studio might’ve suffered the same problems it currently has — low staff count and lack of talent. It would seem that Star Wars Eclipse’s developer struggle to attract new talent might be connected to multiple reports of a toxic workplace environment involving sexual harassment and bullying, which surfaced over the years. In fact, Quantic Dream’s reputation as a working environment is so poor many Star Wars fans voiced their disappointment at Lucasfilm Games for licensing the game to Quantic Dream, highlighting the problems and problematic statement by its founder, David Cage, that still plague the company.