GoldenEye Just Got A Stunning And Surprising Remake

GoldenEye has been remade and it looks amazing.

By Jason Collins | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

goldeneye remake

GoldenEye 007 is one of the most popular console games of all time, earning commercial success and critical acclaim, warranting a remake that never came to be. The legal issues surrounding the GoldenEye 007 prevented game makers from developing and publishing a remake or a remastered version of the game. But they didn’t deter gamers from developing a fan-made remake of the GoldenEye 007 in Far Cry 5’s level editor.

According to IGN, someone just straight-up remade GoldenEye in Ubisoft’s FPS game Far Cry 5. For those in need of more context, Far Cry games featured an in-game level and mission editor, which allow players to create custom maps and missions, and share them with other community members. YouTuber Krollywood did just that; he spent the last two and a half years remaking the entire GoldenEye game on the PS4 version of Far Cry 5. That’s over 1400 hours of work invested into creating the whole game, except for the two bonus stages. You can check out his work in the trailer below:

Thanks to the Arcade Mode’s sharing feature, other players can enjoy Krollywood’s remake of the cult classic 1997 GoldenEye by searching the PSN username Perfect-Dark1982 in Far Cry 5. The fan-made remake of the game features overall better graphics enabled by Ubisoft’s level editor and the power of modern hardware. It’s a significant boost in the visual and physical quality of the game, compared to the original Nintendo64 release. Krollywood, a fan of both Far Cry 5 and GoldenEye video games, explained that he chose Ubisoft’s editor due to its ease-of-use and the sheer number of objects it offers, allowing for a wide variety of levels and styles, which was perfect for recreating GoldenEye. Do with what you have, right? Well, Far Cry’s Arcade mode is officially canceled in the upcoming sequel, Far Cry 6.

It’s worth noting that Krollywood’s effort isn’t the first attempt at the GoldenEye remake. In 2002, Microsoft acquired the original game’s developer, Rare, and its library of titles which were later ported to than popular Xbox Live, including the remastered version of GoldenEye. However, Microsoft was never able to publish the game since the rights to the GoldenEye game were owned by Nintendo, who didn’t want to relinquish one of its best-selling titles. The original game did receive a modern-day retelling under Activision’s banner, which was well-received, but still remained in the shadows of the original game.

From then on, and through the series of underperforming James Bond video game titles, the franchise’s owner withdrew the IP’s gaming rights altogether, only to rerelease them earlier this year. The trademark filing specified the gaming rights to the GoldenEye but offered very little specific detail about a possible, official remake. This leaves the fandom and fantastic individuals like Krollywood to create their own fan-made remakes of their favorite games, much to the content of the rest of the gaming community, which already expressed an appetite for the GoldenEye remake in the past.

Credit where credits are due, and we want to express our thanks to Krollywood for remaking one of the classic gaming titles, making it readily available to the younger generations of gamers.