Genshin Impact Addresses Voice Actor Scandal

Genshin Impact's voice director Chris Faella responds to the sexual misconduct scandal regarding voice actor Elliot Gindi.

By Jason Collins | Published

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Genshin Impact, an anime-style open-world action role-playing game, apparently isn’t immune to sexual misconduct controversies. Besides the technical problems besieging the game, the developers of Genshin Impact also addressed the situation regarding sexual misconduct by one of the game’s voice actors, releasing a statement in which they profess deep regret about the harm that happened to the game’s fandom, the gaming community, and everyone affected.

miHoYo, a studio in charge of Genshin Impact’s development and publishing, also stated that both internal and external teams, as well as voice acting studios, are working together on this urgent situation. According to Kotaku, Elliot Gindi—a voice behind Tighnari— has been accused of grooming underage fans, transphobic behavior, and emotional abuse. The accusation came from Elliot’s Twitch and Discord moderation team, which has collected and publicized various chatlogs and screenshots demonstrating Ghindi’s behavior.

One of the moderators of Genshin Impact actor’s streaming media shared a 21-page Google Document containing screenshots that show multiple victims coming forward to mods about the actor’s behavior. This included Ghindi asking for inappropriate photos and videos, pursuing relationships with teenagers and underage individuals, making offensive remarks towards transgender or asexual individuals, and sending sexual content. For a list of sins that are that extensive, we have to wonder, has Ghindi ever worked on any Activision Blizzard title?

Genshin Impact’s voice actor later tweeted an apology, and quite a long one, acknowledging that the screenshots and all the other content are real, thus affirming that he emotionally manipulated his victims by threatening suicide. He also stated that he didn’t think through the severity of threatening suicide. However, he rejected the accusations that he knowingly engaged in relationships with underage fans, stating that he rejected anyone who was underage.

His Twitter apology spread across the Genshin Impact community incredibly fast.

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Many Genshin Impact fans who like the character Ghindi’s voices apparently believe the accusations and don’t take it lightly that the accused voices one of their favorite characters. In fact, many fans demand that the developer recast a different voice actor for the role. Other Genshin Impact voice actors also came forward to denounce Ghindi’s behavior and support victims, including the respective voice actors behind characters such as Aether, Hu Tao, Raiden Shogun, Anne Yatco, Xiangling, Cyno, and Kaeya.

Many Genshin Impact voice actors are disappointed with Ghindi, and those who shared any content with him have since removed their streams and any signs of association, condemning the actor’s behavior. Tighnari was added to the game in the most recent major patch release, which added several other features to the game, including the Dendro element and Tighnari as the wielder of the same element. At this point, it’s unclear whether the role will be recast, but judging by miHoYo’s statement, recasting isn’t outside of the realm of possibilities.

Genshin Impact first launched on Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Windows in 2020 before receiving a PlayStation 5 and upcoming Nintendo Switch release. The game received favorable and positive reviews praising its combat and the open world but criticizing the simplistic endgame and monetization.