The New Genshin Impact Update Has Been Hit With A Crushing Delay

By James Brizuela | 1 week ago

genshin impact

Genshin Impact exploded onto the gaming world in a big way, and things have been going well for the anime-styled free-to-play RPG. This open-world game has truly surprised everyone because it can be played for free. There are in-game purchases, like new playable heroes and weapons, but those can also still be obtained by grinding in-game challenges and such. Since the game launched on PS5 in April of 2021, it has seen massive rises in players and monetary gains. However, not all news about the game is good news. The new Version 2.7 update for the game is on indefinite hold. You can see the announcement below:

A thing to note here is that Genshin Impact is developed by a company that exists in China. China is currently going through another surge of Covid-19 cases, and there are going to be stringent lockdowns put in place so that the virus does not spread. These lockdowns are said to disrupt a massive number of industries and the economy in the country. This could put a long delay on the game getting the manpower it needs to push out this new update. Fans of the game are likely to be upset considering the new update promised two new characters to choose from. Those characters are a five-star archer Yelan and the mysterious and agile electro-ninja Kuki Shinobu.

Honestly, fans of Genshin Impact should not be so upset, considering this game is free-to-play. Things could be much worse, as players could have paid money for an update that is not going to be here on time. Version 2.7 was initially supposed to drop on May 11th, but now it seems that everyone will have to wait an unknown amount of time. It stands to reason why everyone will be upset though, as this game is truly fun. Players are also no bogged down with in-game purchases, as a good majority of this game can be played without having to spend a dime. Quite honestly, no one saw this game coming, and it made an astounding $3 billion in its first year. The most by any video game ever. Fans have been flocking to PC and PlayStation to take on this action RPG. A Nintendo Switch version is also currently being worked on, though there is no timetable on its release just yet.

Genshin Impact is currently available on Android, iOS, PC, and PlayStation 4 and 5. The game was initially released in 2020 for Android, iOS, PS4, and PC, before moving to PS5 in 2021. The game will no doubt explode even further once it hits the Nintendo Switch. There is a massive following behind the game, and naturally, this has led to plenty of updates and work that stem from such a massive community. However, now fans must do their part by not attacking developer, miHoYo, for delaying Version 2.7. As gamers, we all know the pitfalls of releasing updates and games before they are finished. Hopefully, China will end these lockdowns soon, and progress on the game can move forward sooner rather than later.